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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Cinematographer-turned-director Siva revealed recently that Karthi will be seen in nine get-ups for a song in Siruthai. The actor is keen on experimenting and was game for the nine get-ups when the director suggested it.

The film has some comedy sequences which are sure to have the audiences roaring in laughter, says director Siva. Tamannah pairs up with Karthi for the second time after their success in Paiyya.

Siva has two Telugu hits to his credit and Siruthai will be his first Tamil venture. The film is being shot extensively in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Haripriya says that she is proud that she is acting in three languages

Haripriya is a Kannada actress who made her debut in the Tamil film Kanagavel Kaaka. The film Vallakottai in which she has done the female lead role is being released for Deepavali. In between she is also pairing with Cheran in the film Muran. Haripriya has celebrated her birthday in Bangalore.

Haripriya while speaking to the media said,” I had acted in the Telugu film Thagida Thagida produced by Bhoomika. My acting in this film was much spoken about.

It was nice experience acting with Nagarjuna, Anushka and Bhoomika. Though she is a Kannada actress she has been getting offers from Tamil and Telugu. If I get a good story there is no problem about the language. In Vallakottai, I am pairing with Arjun. I have donned the role of a village girl.

So far I have not acted in such a role. In Kanagavel Kaaka I have donned the role of a model girl. But I am doing the opposite role in this film. I have done a role that is of bold and brave nature.

But there will be glamour in the song sequences. Many are asking me about being called in Muran shooting. Muran is a film which has Cheran and Prasanna in the cast. I am pairing with Cheran. I am donning the role called Lavanya who makes everyone cheerful. Everybody will like this role after the seeing the film.

Rajan Madhav is a talented director. Cheran started calling me Hari in the shooting spots. Though it is a male name, everybody likes to call the name shortly. Because of this I also liked it. Everybody started me calling me by this name. I am very proud that I am acting in the three languages. It is a good experience that when the people of Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages identity me.”

Problems crop up for Trisha’s film

The Hindi film Love Aaj Kal is being remade in Telugu. Trisha is pairing with Pawan Kalyan in this film. In the Hindi film, Rishi Kapoor will be narrating his youth love to Saif Ali Khan.

These scenes will be in flash back. Saif Ali Khan will imagine that he is Rishi Kapoor. So Saif Ali Khan will appear in these scenes instead of Rishi Kapoor. But this concept has been copied in another Telugu film. This film titled Bava which has Siddarth in the lead role has been released.

Rajendra Prasad will be telling about his romance in younger days to Siddarth. In the flash back Siddarth will appear as Rajendra Kumar. Pawan Kalyan has acquired the remake rights of the Hindi film. At this point, the important concept of the film has taken place in Bava. It seems that Pawan is take legal action.

Divya runs away without bearing the fish smell

Divya is pairing with Jeeva in the film Singam Puli. The shooting of this film took place in the Royapuram Fish Market recently. Divya who had come to participate in the shooting was moody.

Scenes featuring Jeeva and Divya were shot. In between the shots, she was running to the caravan. When asked her whether she was not well, she said,” I am well.

I have not so far acted in the fish market scenes. I was not able to bear the fish smell. That is why I ran to the caravan after the shot was over.”

The director who understood the plight of Divya sent her away after completing her portions immediately.


Director Ram Gopal Varma has recently released the poster of Raktha Charithra – Part 2. The poster has Suriya exhibiting his popular six-pack creating a strong impact on the fans. Importantly, the tagline in this poster which reads: After Rajnikanth – The Robot, its Suriya The Ghajini, has drawn the attention of many. The film will be released on November 19th, 2010.

Raktha Charithra was released in Telugu and Hindi recently but the director decided to release the film’s second part only in Tamil as Suriya’s role will dominate this part.

Mini interview with A R Rahman

So far there no rumors about you? You want to say that there should be rumors about me (laughs).To tell you the truth there is no time for me except home and music. I don’t have the time to go elsewhere and half the time I am flying. Of all the songs you have composed which are the five songs you like the most?
1) Narumugaye from the film Iruvar.
2) Ennavale from the film Kadhalan.
3) Marghazhi Thingal from the film Sangamam
4) Kadhal from the film Udhaya
5) Veerapandi Kottaiyile from the film Thiruda Thiruda
How is your spiritual life?
We can make spiritual life simple or complicated. It is in our hands. Elderly people say,” It is waste to go to the forest and pray. But if you live in a family and if you understand the problem you can be a man”. I have begun my spiritual life like this.
That means you will become a spiritual man in the future?
It is possible if you lead a virtuous life without committing any wrong things. Now itself I can feel that happiness and grief are the same.

Hat-trick For Abhinaya

October 29, 2010 : Being physically impaired, Abhinaya proved of her adeptness by making it bigger through her debut film Nadodigal. The actress started her career acting in ad films in Kerala. That is when she received a surprising call from director Samuthirakkani's office. She was signed for one of the female lead roles in the film Nadodigal, in which she played the sister role of Sasikumar. Witnessing her tremendous performance in this film, Samuthirakkani signed her for the Telugu remake as well.
For the third time, Abhinaya will be performing the same role in the Kannada remake version of Nadodigal, which is yet to be titled. The film is produced by Puneeth Rajkumar's home banner and is directed by famous filmmaker K Madesha. Apart from Puneeth Rajkumar, Yogish, Srinagar Kutty and Radhika Pandit have been signed for the lead roles. Sathya Hegde will be handling cinematography and music director V. Hari Krishna is scoring music for the film. For the first time, Puneeth Rajkumar will go for a long schedule of 100 days for this film and it will be shot across various parts of Karnataka including Bangalore, Mysore, Chitra Durga, Chikkade and many other locations. Much before the shooting of Kannada remake would commence, Abhinaya has already completed shooting for her next Tamil film Easan, in which she plays one of the female lead roles. The film is directed and produced by Sasikumar of Subramaniapuram fame and director Samuthirakkani donning the lead character.

“My ex wife and present wife have become good friends,” says Prakash Raj

Actor Prakash Raj said that his ex wife and his present wife have become friendly with each other. He had married actress Lalitha Kumari who is the sister of actress Disco Shanthi. He had three children. (one child is dead). Due to his love with the Bollywood choreographer Pony Varma, he divorced Lalitha Kumari. He recently married Pony Varma. Both the Prakash Raj’s children are staying with them. When speaking about his new married life, Prakash Raj said,” In the North India ladies who have married newly have the habit of fasting for the whole day without even going for shooting, I like this new relationship. While speaking about his ex wife Lalitha Kumari he said,” Both the children are staying with me. My ex wife Lalitha Kumari and my present wife Pony Varma has become good friends.”

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Asin says she does not worry about rumors

Asin celebrated her birthday in Mumbai on Tuesday.Bollywood actors and sportsman greeted her and made her drown in the sea of happiness. We spoke to Asin who was in cloud nine.
Birthday gift?
Every year my father Joseph Thottankal used to gift me a costly car on my birthday. This year also he gifted me a car worth Rs.25 lakhs. I have 5 cars. My mother Celine prepared fish, chicken, payasam, appam, chocolate and cake which I am very fond of. Apart from this she gifted me diamond jewellery and gold jewels. We enjoyed a lot with my school time friends who have come from abroad.
How is it that you are continuously acting remake film? Malayalam film Body Guard is being remade in Tamil with the title Kaavalan. I am pairing with Vijay in this film. The Telugu film Ready is being remade in Hindi. I am pairing with Salman Khan in this. All these things happened unexpectedly. Back to Tamil again? If I get good story and character and my call sheet accommodates I will act in Tamil film after the release of Kaavalan. I don’t speak about salary. I expect the salary according to the market. The announcement regarding me acting in two Hindi films will be announced shortly. There are lots of rumors about you? This is the cost I am paying for my fame in cinema. I cannot give explanation for each rumors. It is not necessary. My fans know about me.

Anjali attacked

Anjali attacked Are you still thinking about an ardent fans attempt to kidnap actress Namitha? Here comes another hot incident! Popular Tamil actress Anjali, who is making her first appearance in Tollywood with Shopping Mall (Telugu dubbed version of Tamil super hit Angadi Theru), was attacked by a group of unknown persons on Tuesday afternoon in Kulasekaram in Kanyakumari district (Tamil Nadu) at the location of her forthcoming Tamil film Thambi Vettothi Sundaram. The deadly gang attacked the unit alleging that the film is projecting their district in a bad light by portraying it a bloody and violent place. (The film is based on a real incident that happened in Nagerkoil in Kanyakumari district.) They refused to hear the film crews version and destroyed the shooting equipment. Anjali had a narrow escape and took shelter in a nearby village. With the help of villagers, she immediately fled to Thiruvananthapuram airport and took the first available flight to Chennai. It was the scariest experience in my life; we nearly got lynched by the furious mob. I ran away from the shoot and took refuge at a local house where the women went out of their way to provide us safe passage, the actress said. It is high time for celebrities to become more cautious about their security while in distant locations!

Aishwarya is Hrithik’s favorite

The hottest on-screen couple Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s next film Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish is certainly expected more for their amazing chemistry. Hrithik Roshan reveals that he was more than happy when he first heard from director Sanjay Leela Bhansali that Aishwarya was likely to be his co-star in the project and instantly gave his approval saying that Sanjay’s decision of picking Aish for the role was right. And without any diplomacy Hrithik states that Aish is his favorite and that he is extremely comfortable with her. He also elaborated the reason as to why, saying that their approach to work is the same and so they both enjoy working with each other.

Santhanam speaks about Super star Rajnikanth

Santhanam while speaking to media about Super star said, “That was the time when Endhiran shooting was completed. The land line phone of my house was ringing. My mother lifted the handset and said “Hello”. At the other end the voice that said, “Hello, I am Rajni speaking. Is Santhanam there?” My mother said,”Muruga, don’t play the fool.” Because a friend of mine called Murugan used to mimic Kamal and Rajni’s voice over the phone. But again the person said,’ I am Rajni speaking. Call Santhanam.”Then I understood it was really the Super star that was on the line and so I took the phone. He said, “Hello Santhanam. The shooting of Endhiran has been successfully completed” and continued to speak about so many things. Rajni sir is in great heights because he has got the appreciating heart by calling a comedy actor and that to in the land line. I had planned to pocket Rajni sir somehow at the shooting spot of Endhiran.
So I asked him,” What is Aanma and in which way we will go after our death.”I was pestering with so many divine questions. I thought that he will explain in a language that I will not understand. But he got tensed and said,” Do you think I am a sage? You always speak about Aanma and Karma to me.” Then I understood that Thalaivar was on our track. So I started fooling around with him. The opening scene of Endhiran will have Rajni readying a Robot. So Karunas and I planned that we should get a pat from Rajni sir. So we started fitting the nuts and bolts of the Robot in the presence of Rajni. But Rajni seeing this said,” I think these guys will themselves create a Robot.” He got wild and walked out of the sets. Then we promised him that we will not get more enthusiastic next time and cooled him.

Anushka opposite Vikram in Deiva Magan

Deiva Magan, the movie which is to be directed by director Vijay, will have Vikram in the lead role. This is an old news. But the latest news is that Vijay has decided to bring in Anushka for the female lead. The Deiva Magan team had been scouting for a leading lady for quite some time and finally, Vikram and director Vijay decided to bring in Anushka onboard.Recently the inaugural took place with its producer Mohan Natrajan kick starting the film in a simple ceremony. It is reported that the first schedule of Deiva Magan will begin soon after Diwali in Ooty and proceed to other locations.

Divya Spandana in VTV (Kannada)

Divya Spandana in VTV (Kannada) Golden girl Divya Spandana will reportedly play the role of Jessie (originally played by Trisha in Tamil) in the Kannada remake of Gautham Menons super hit Tamil film Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa. Though Gautham Menon will not direct the Kannada version, it film will be produced under his home banner. There are also reports that Gautham Menon will soon direct Divya in a Tamil film. More details on the project are awaited. Divya is currently busy with two films in Tamil: Singam Puli opposite Jiiva, which is expected to grace theatres soon and Kadhal 2 Kalyanam with Shahir (actor Aryas brother). Check out: Divya Spandana photo gallery

Priyanka Chopra dons the role of a Tamil girl

English novelist Chetan Bhagat has written a novel titled Two States. Chetan who is a North Indian has married a Tamil girl. He has written this novel based on his marriage experience. This novel is being adapted into a Hindi film. Siddarth Anand is
directing this film. Sajid Nandiadwala is producing this film. Saif Ali Khan is doing the lead role. Priyanka Chopra who is donning the role of a Tamil girl is pairing with him. She is being trained in Tamil to act in this film. Producer Sajid while speaking about this said,”Priyanka can speak Tamil.Everybody knows her dedication for her acting and hard work. So she will do this role in excellent manner.

Bhavana talks about her marriage

South Indian actress Bhavana has said that she will consider entering wedlock only after achieving something in her film career. She regrets that those actresses who forayed into the film industry along with her have at least a couple of films that shows their performances and talent while she has no such films to her credit.
Bhavana says that when people ask about her marriage, she has only one thought running in her mind – to play a memorable role and then settle for marital bliss

Vijay-Vikram's next: Deiva Magan

Vijay-Vikrams next: Deiva Magan After the roaring success of Madarasapattinam, director Vijay has become the most popular man in Kollywood today. Vijay is all set to team up with Vikram for an upcoming flick titled Deiva Magan, produced by Mohan Natarajan, which was launched in Chennai recently. The first schedule is expected to begin after Diwali. Anuska will play the female lead. Director Vijays regular team of Nirav (camera), G.V. Prakash (music), Selva (art) and Anthony (editing) will join him in this project. Vikram Photo Gallery

Vidya to romance superstar Rajinikanth

Vidya Balan, it seems, is desperate to work with south superstar Ranjikanth in a stereoscopic animated drama ‘Hara’. Buzz has it that the film which has been in the making for three years as 'Sultan - The Warrior' and which has been recently renamed as ‘Hara’, will have Vidya playing the female lead with Rajini. Incidentally, if all goes well, Vidya will be lending her voice for the female lead in the film, which will be released in Tamil and Hindi.

Vidya yet to give a nod for ‘Hara’
Taking a cue from the latest reports, it’s learned that the ‘Paa’ actress has not officially confirmed about being part of the film yet as she still hasn’t received any formal communication from makers of ‘Hara’.

Earlier, there were reports that Vidya is not keen to plunge into Tamil films unless it’s a big project.

Talking about Vidya, sources close to the actress stated, “There's a notion that she is averse to doing Tamil films but that's not the case at all. She, in fact, is very interested if it's a big project, and nothing can be bigger than a Rajini film. Even her parents are keen to see her act in Tamil movies. So, if Hara works out, no reason why she wouldn't grab it."

Soundarya Rajinikanth to design and produce ‘Hara’
The film which has been making headlines for quite sometime will soon be completed, since Rajini’s daughter Soundarya, who is producing ‘Hara’ has roped in ace Kollywood director K.S.Ravikumar, to work on a half-an-hour’s action packed sequence in the film.

It’s also heard that Rajni’s daughter has written and designed the whole concept of the film and is taking every step to make her animated film on par with some of Hollywood’s best animated flicks.

Speaking on ‘Hara’, sources stated, "Soundarya will take care of the animation part, Ravikumar will wield the megaphone for some crucial scenes in which fans would get to see the real Rajini in action. Hara will be a real treat for the audience."

A tribute to Ilayaraja

A tribute to Ilayaraja Chennaitainment, an entertainment and events firm run by Vanitha Vijaykumar, organised a retro Tamil cinema night in Chennai on Wednesday at the Karma in Le Waterina. The concert was a tribute to the evergreen Ilayaraja numbers from the 1980s, the golden era of Tamil cinema. Music by Venkat Ramani was the main highlight of the event which was attended by many Kollywood celebrities. Click here for event pictures.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hansika Motwani Is On Cloud Nine

October 27, 2010 : Right from her childhood, Hansika Motwani has been riding with a successful career in the film industry. The actress has been ennobled as one of the stunning hotties of South Indian film industry and has shared screen space with almost all the top-charting superstars of Tollywood. Now she is all set to make her debut in the amil film industry and has already completed shooting for a couple of films. The actress was signed for the film 'Maappilai' and is starring opposite Dhanush as the female lead. Bollywood's yesteryear actress Manisha Koraila plays her mom's role and Dhanush is the protagonist. It is worth mentioning that the film is a remake of superstar Rajnikanth's yesteryear blockbuster with the same title. Her other film 'Engeyum Kadhal', which is directed by choreographer-turned-filmmaker Prabhu Deva is also complete and is scheduled to hit the screens in November. Having done with a couple of films with the big banners, she is now busy filming for her next project titled 'Velayudham' that has Vijay in the lead role. Pairing with Vijay has been her dream and is now elated of winning this offer. At the moment, scenes involving her and Vijay are being shot in the backdrops of cool-n-green Pollachi. Hansika Motwani has now decided of signing new projects only after the release of these films.

Thambi Vettothi Sundaram crew attacked

Karan's Thambi Vettothi Sundaram, directed by V.C. Vadivudayan, has already created a lot of hype even before its release. On Tuesday, a gang of unknown persons attacked the film's crew while they were shooting in Kulasekaram. Reportedly the gang threatened the film's crew for making a film which would bring a bad name to Kanyakumari district. Thambi Vettothi Sundaram, starring Anjali (of Angadi Theru fame) and Karan in the lead roles, is based on a real-life incident that happened in Kanyakumari district. Karan plays the title role of Sundaram. The producers are planning to launch the audio soon.

Who has the most kissable lips

bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has the most kissable lips, while Genelia and Asin takes 8th and 10th positions respectively.
Aishwarya Rai has the second most kissable lips, while the third place goes to Katrina Kaif. Bipasha Basu of West Bengal takes the forth place. The survey was between those babes working for bollywood and has nothing to do for girls in Kollywood. Even though Trisha has worked in bollywood, she consistently fail to take a place in any of the list - let it be for the biggest or for the smallest or for anything else!

Udhayanidhi Stalin is ready for hero

Udhayanidhi Stalin is now ready to kick-start his career as an actor. After going through various scripts and discussions, the producer has finally chosen director Rajesh to wield megaphone for his film. In fact, he was much impressed with the entertaining style of filmmaking in ‘Boss Engira Baskaran’. Now the duo is all set to kick-start their next project.
We hear it from the closer sources that Udhayanidhi Stalin and director Rajesh have zeroed down on couple of interesting titles taken from Rajesh’s previous films dialogue and song. It will be either ‘Oru Kal Oru Kannadi’ (song sequence from Rajesh’s debut directorial ‘Siva Manasula Sakthi’ or ‘Nanbenda’ (Punch line of ‘Boss Engira Baskaran’) Udhayanidhi Stalin is busy now going through the production phase of Suriya-Shruthi Haasan starrer ‘Ezham Arivu’ and Kamal Haasan’s ‘Manmadhan Ambu’. He is now thinking to promote the film ‘Myna’ with a greater magnitude.
Udhayanidhi has chosen a role that suits him well to the core of his looks and character. Just like his previous films, Rajesh will make another comedy entertainer. Let us hope the new combo makes a good show with their best efforts.

‘Uthamaputhiran’ in 600 theatres

Dhanush is getting ready for one of his biggest releases ever. His forthcoming film ‘Uthamaputhiran’, which is set to hit the screens on Deepavali day, will be released in 600 cinema halls in Tamil Nadu alone. “The film has been shaped up in such a way that it would be liked by one and all irrespective of what age or section they belong to. Hence the producers and distributors are planning such a big release”, sources in the know say. Directed by Mithran R Jawahar, Dhanush’s lucky mascot, the film, which is a remake of Telugu blockbuster ‘Ready’, is produced by N V Mohan Apparao and G Ramesh on Balaji Studios banner. “The on-screen chemistry between Dhanush and Genelia is great. Action scenes will be one of the highlights of ‘Uthamaputhiran’ while comedy portions involving Dhanush and his Padikadhavan co-star Vivek will bring the roof down”, sources add.

Bhansali-Prabhu Deva join hands

It's official! Prabhu Deva, the super-successful choreographer-turned-director, will direct a film for Sanjay Leela Bhansali. No, it wouldn't be a musical, but -- hold your breath -- an out-and-out action film. That's not all; Prabhu has also signed Amitabh Bachchan's home production, which is expected to star Abhishek Bachchan in the lead. "Well, I am in talks with various production houses," the media-shy Prabhu tells me. "But the first project to start will be produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. We hope to begin filming next year. In fact, a clearer picture will emerge in a week or two from now. Akshay Kumar will head the cast of this film." What about the sequel to Wanted? "Oh, I would love to direct it and am also waiting for it to happen," he smiles. We are awaiting too!

Tamil fans for a Kamal-Rajini surprise?

Going by reports one would have to believe that Kalanithi Maran, who had produced ‘Endhiran’ with Rajinikanth under the direction of Shankar by spending the highest budget (Rs 160 cr) so far in Indian cinema, is planning to bring out another film with another whopping budget of Rs 500 crore. The film would again be directed by Shankar and it would have both living legends Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan, now that’s a shocker! This would be for the first time after 30 years, both the super stars are joining hands to share the screen. It would be definitely a casting coup of sorts. The film would be simultaneously made in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages.
Earlier, Rajini and Kamal worked together for several films like 16 Vayathinile, Moondru Mudichu, Avargal, Ninaithale Inikkum, Thillu Mullu etc. Most of the films they played together are by their mentor K. Balachander. We’ve seen combinations of Rajini-Kamal, Shankar-Kamal and Shankar-Rajini and now, let us hope everything works out to see the Shankar-Rajini-Kamal combo!

Oviya says that she is now interested in Tamil culture

Oviya has robbed our hearts by her beauty and acting. She who was known as Helen is now known as Oviya in Tamil. Now she is acting in the Kannada remake of Kazhavani. She while speaking to the media said,” Many are asking me that why I am doing second heroine role in the film Agarathi after the success of Kazhavani. I agreed to act in Agarathi two years back. The story was good in this film. But Kazhavani was released before Agarathi hit the screens. Now I have got a good heroine image. I did not do anything wrong. I will always act in films that have good stories. With regard to Deepavali celebrations, I should say that in Kerala, Deepavali is not given much importance. Now after coming to shooting here, I am interested in Tamil culture. So I have decided to buy a half saree for this Deepavali.”


Naanum En Kadhalum is a forthcoming Tamil film directed by popular art director SAC Ramji and produced by Jebi for UniPay 2U Productions. Jebi was the manager to Vijay and his father and director SA Chandrasekar. In Naanum En Kaadhalum, Shobha Chandrasekar has rendered a racy song along with folk singer Jayamurugan. The director, wanting to try out something totally new in this film, has roped in 200 elderly people to dance along with the lead pair. Anand and Shwetha will make their debut in Kollywood with this film

Sonia Agarwal says that she is not angry with Selvaraghavan

Romance blossomed between Soni Agarwal and Selvaraghavan in the year 2002 during the shooting of Kadhal Kondein. After four years they got married. When Selvaraghavan was directing Aayirathil Oruvan, there was difference of opinion between the two because there were rumors that Selvaraghavan became close to Andrea. hey were divorced later.Now Sonia Agarwal has started acting in cinema. She is donning an important role in the film Vaanam in which Simbhu is doing the lead role. When Sonia Agarwal was asked whether she was angry with Selvaraghavan and will she speak to him if he meets him, she said,” Whenever an ex husband or ex wife meet they will not see face to face.
Whether they are at peace or in anger depends on the life they had leaded. But in my case I will not get angry when I see my ex husband. There is no necessity for me to act like that. I will shake hands with him and go on my way.”

Know about Arya

Arya was born in Kannanur in Kerala on December 11th 1980. Father Umer and mother Jameela named him Jamshad which means warrior in Arabic language. He became Arya for cinema sake. He has two brothers Zaheer and Raashi. After migrating from Kerala to Tamil Nadu Arya joined SBOA School and completed his computer science in Vandalur Crescent Engineering College. He graduated with 78% marks. Since Arya was not fluent in Tamil, he never use to speak much during his school days. He use to speak English. Though he learnt to speak in Tamil later on he still does not know to write or read Tamil. His favourite pastime is aero modeling. He had an aim of becoming a pilot. Arya’s father is a football champion. So Arya is also interested in football. He started playing football in the age of 4. Now also he is interested in football. He had a plan of settling in U.S. But the Twin Tower Blast thwarted his efforts. He was denied visa because he was Muslim. Jeeva after seeing Arya’s modeling photo gave him the opportunity to act in Ullam Ketkume. That was the time Jeeva changed his name as Arya from Jamshad. But before the release of Ullam Ketkume Arya’s Arindum Ariyamalum hit the screen. This was his first film where he donned the role of Kutty. He got the Film Fare Award for the best debut actor. In the last five years he had acted in 12 Tamil films. He did guest roles in Maya Kannadi, Siva Manasula Sakthi and Kadhal Solla Vandhen. He did the villain role in the Telugu film Varudu in which Allu Arjun did the lead role. Apart from football, he knows cycling and running with professional intricacies.
He never misses the Friday prayers in the mosque. During Ramzan he never misses his fasting.
Arya’s all time favourite actress is Kajol. Next he likes Simran. In the actor he loves Sharukh Khan. He is fond of jeans and T shirts. He likes the dresses which has the amalgamation of red and black. Director Vishnuvardhan, cinematographer Nirav Shah, Vishal, Jeeva, Bharath and Abbas are his close cinema friends. Arya’s monthly habit is snooker. He runs a hotel called Sea Shell at Anna Nagar. Arya’s father Umer visits this restaurant and will be moving with the customers pleasantly. Mother Jameela’s biryani is very popular among Arya’s cinema friends. When Arya is at his house on Sundays, his cinema friends visits his house to eat biryani.
Arya will learn all the matters with interest. For the film Oram Po he learnt to drive auto rickshaw in a night with the help of a auto driver. He is austere that his marriage should be a love marriage. Padmapriya, Nila, Pooja and Emmy Jackson are persons who are rumored to be linked with him. But he says he had a crush on a girl when he was studying sixth standard and that ended that time itself. After this he has not counted that how many girls he loved. He is fond of the quote that” Nothing is impossible”. He goes to the shooting spots on his bike with his helmet. He says it is very easy to go in the heavy traffic. He says there is no thrill in AC cars.
Arya can be seen in the disco at The Park and at Thiruvanmiyur Le Waterina.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yuvan Yuvanthi team honoured in Seychelles

The Indian High Commissioner in Seychelles, Mauritius hosted a party for the Yuvan Yuvanthi team recently. The entire team of Yuvan Yuvanthi team, including director G.N.R. Kumaravelan, Bharath, Reema Kallingal and cinematographer Gopi, were present at the event. The Indian High Commissioner also expressed the hope that this film would pave the way for more such shoots in the island. Director Kumaravelan thanked the Commissioner and the people of Seychelles for their hospitality.

Rajinikanth's Endhiran charged with plagiarism

Chennai, Oct 26 : Police are investigating if Rajinikanth-starred 'Endhiran' had violated the copy rights act after a novelist claimed so, the Chennai police said on Tuesday. The Tamil novelist, Aarur Tamil Nadan alias Amutha Tamil Nadan, had called the city Police Commissioner T Rajendran and lodged a complaint against the director and the producer of 'Endhiran' , alleging they violated the copy rights act by stealing the story idea of the blockbuster movie.
The writer, who is also the deputy news editor of Tamil magazine, "Nakeeran", alleged the story of the movie was stolen from his novel 'Jugiba', published in a magazine in 1996.
The complainant, accompanied by his lawyers, on Monday submitted the written allegation to the police chief. "I had written a novel 'Jugiba' in a magazine called 'Iniya Udhayam' , in 1996. My novel was repeated in 'Dhik Dhik Dheepika' magazine in 2007 with my permission . Director Shankar and producer Kalanithi Maran stole the raw story from my novel and added ingredients to the movie like songs, fights and graphics. Many of my friends and relatives informed me about the movie.I have sent a legal notice to director Shankar and producer Kalanithi Maran. As I did not get any response from them, I have now approached the city police commissioner," the complainant told media people. Police said they would not comment anything on the issue as the department officials had been in consultation with appropriate authorities, including the judicial officials.

Thoonga Nagaram in December

Dayanidhi Alagiri's Thoonga Nagaram, being directed by debutant Gaurav, a former associate of K.S. Ravikumar, under the banner of Cloud Nine Movies, is all set to grace theatres in mid December. Set in a Madurai backdrop, Thoonga Nagaram stars Pasanga Vimal, Bharani and Nishanth as the male leads and Anjali as the female lead. Besides wielding the megaphone, Gaurav dons an important role in the film. Sundar C. Babu of Anjathey fame is the music director. The movie has cinematography by Vijay Ulaganathan, a former associate of K.V. Anand. Editing is by Suresh and art by Santhanam. Union Minister M.K. Alagiri has a cameo appearance in the film.


Mankatha was kick-started yesterday (October 25th, 2010) as planned. The director of this film, Venkat Prabhu had held some test shoots last week to ensure that all is well with the debut actor Mahath Ragavendra and a couple of films old Premji Amaren.
Ajith was on the sets on the first day of the shoot and the entire team was buzzing with activity, says the film’s producer Dayanidhi Alagiri of Cloud Nine Movies.

Cine mini

Trisha is pairing with Ajith in the film Mankatha for the third time after Jee and Kireedom. Sasi is directing a film titled 555 which has Bharath in the lead role. Sonia Agarwal is donning an important role in the film Vaanam which has Simbhu and Anushka in the lead roles. There is also a separate song sequence for her in this film. This is the first film she is acting after divorcing Selvaraghavan. After Vallakottai and Maasi, actor Arjun is again becoming a director. He is directing the second part of Jai Hind which he had directed earlier.
Actress Tabu has danced for a tribal song for the film Urumi. Director A Venkatesh who took the avatar of villain in the film Angadi Theru continues to do villain roles in the film Iravum Pagalum in which Mahesh is doing the lead role and in Thiru 420 in which lyricist Sneghan is doing the lead role. Priyamani who had agreed to in a Kannada film refused to act in it at the last minute. The reason is that the film is based on life of a freedom fighter. The film in which Udhayanidhi Stalin is debuting as hero is yet to be titled. The film is being directed by M Rajesh who directed Boss Engira Baskaran. Santhanam will be doing the comedy track while Nirav Shah handles the camera.

Tabu to get married soon

Bollywood leading actress Tabu had acted in Tamil films Kadhal Desam, Sirai Salai and Kandukondein Kandukondein. She is currently acting in one or two Hindi films. She had paired with Nagarjuna in lots of Telugu films and there were rumor that both were in love. Then there were also rumor that she has become intimate with a person called Hussain Patel who is from modeling field. Now these rumors had their natural death. In the recent times, Tabu is closely moving with a popular industrialist.
Now the news regarding these two are making rounds in Bollywood. Tabu is aged 39 and her family members are interested in her getting married soon.
The industrialist has nodded for the marriage and Tabu has also not denied. Tabu will be making an announcement regarding her romance and marriage soon. People close to Tabu say that the marriage will take place during the month of January or February.

Attempt to kidnap Tamil actress Namitha foiled

Chennai, Oct 26 : In a reel like but real life drama, an attempt to kidnap Tamil film actress Namitha was foiled in Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu.
Namitha reached Tiruchy Monday by plane to take part in a function at Karur, around 330 km from here. She was to travel to Karur by car.
At the Trichy airport, a man identified as Periasamy introduced himself to her as the driver arranged by the function organisers.
Believing him, she boarded the car which sped away.
Seeing this, the real driver informed the organisers, who started chasing the speeding car. The hot pursuit came to an end when the kidnapper car was overtaken and brought to a halt. A subdued Periasamy told police that he was a fan of Namitha. But police said he gave contradictory answers to other questions.

Asin celebrates her birthday today at her Mumbai house

Asin house was fully decorated with flowers on the occasion of her birthday in Mumbai. Asin who was a wearing a new birth day dress cut the cake in the presence of her family members and friends. All of them greeted her. Sree Devi and Boney Kapoor who are Asin’s neighbors had come with their family members to greet her. Actor Salman Khan also wished her on this occasion.
Asin is currently pairing with Salman Khan in the Hindi film Ready. Shahid Kapoor, Tabu and Nil Nithin Mukesh also greeted her. Vijay and Surya phoned her up and wished her. Other actors and actresses in Chennai sent their birthday greetings through SMSs. Asin received lot of gifts. Her mother gifted her costly jewels.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Vadivelu smiles now!

Even though he makes people to laugh through his comedies, in person, Vadivelu used to be very tough and even this reporter had a very bad experience when trying to meet him for an interview.
When this reporter tried to meet Vadivelu couple years before, that too with prior appointment, he almost chased away by warning the producer to make this reporter out from the shooting spot... It was a question put to him related to his party with Shriya! Now, lots of things have changed in Vadivelu and when some Kasa-Musa question is asked at him, he answer with a smiling face and never get upset over them. This change has come in him after he was fooled by a-singa-muthu. Vadivu also had trouble with Sundar C and other leading men in the industry.

Lakshmi Rai replaces Anushka in Kanchana

Leading actress and model Lakshmi Rai will be the heroine in choreographer-actor-director-music composer Lawrence Raghavendra's forthcoming Tamil film Kanchana, a sequel to his semi-horror flick Muni. Lawrence initially thought of signing Anushka for the lead role, keeping her Arundhati image in mind, but according to sources, after Anushka did not show much interest in the project even after he approached her several times, he offered the role to Lakshmi Rai who accepted it.
Talking about the film, Lawrence said: "After much deliberation, Kanchana has gone on the floors. I've put in a lot of groundwork and am happy to have started work on the project finally. Kanchana will be entirely different from Muni and even more entertaining." Actress Kovai Sarala, who was cast in Muni, will be seen in the sequel too, but Raj Kiran will not be part of Kanchana.

Audio launch of Manmadha Ambu in Singapore

The audio launch of Manmadha Ambu which has Kamal Haasan and Trisha directed by K S Ravikumar is to be held in Singapore in a grand manner. Udhayanidhi Stalin who has produced this film under the banner Red Giant Movies has planned to release this film worldwide. Because of this he will be holding the audio launch function in Singapore. Kamal Haasan, Trisha, music composer Devi Sriprasad, director K S Ravikumar, producer Udhayanidhi Stalin and others in the cast will participate in this audio launch function which is to be held at Singapore Expo Auditorium on November 20. Kamal and Trisha who had sung the title song will also sing the same number in the stage. Arrangements are also being made to take 500 fans in a luxurious cruise ship to this function. The added information is that this audio launch function will be telecast in Kalaignar TV.

Parthiban's ex-wife Seetha marries again

Second marriage of Actress Seetha's marriage into trouble just in five days, it came in the form of Actress Maya!
Mother of three, fathered by actor Parthiban, Seetha was said to be living with Satyaraj. But in recent time Seetha was found in a Live-Together setup with a TV actor Sathish. Marriage ceremony took place in Seetha's house and after the marriage Seetha said that Sathish is a broad minded gentleman!!! Close circle says that she was forced to marry Sathish because of Old Actor's disturbance! Now this old man is disturbing her through actress Maya...


There were speculations last week that Endhiran will be made in 3D and will be released in theatres soon. If that was great news to the admirers of Endhiran, the news today comes as a moment of glum. Sun Pictures' CEO Mr. Hansraj Saxena has quashed all the rumours and news about Endhiran's 3D avatar and has said that there are no plans to convert the film into 3D. This has ended all talks about the movie's new version. Though it is the new trend in Hollywood to release old films in 3D, the latest development has surely disappointed fans who were expecting to see their Thalaivar in 3D. Tags : Endhiran, Rajini, Hansraj Saxena

‘Mankatha’ begins from today

The game has begun. The shooting of Ajith’s multi starrer, 'Mankatha’ has started today in Chennai. The slick gangster saga stars Nagarjuna, Trisha, Vaibhav and others along with Ajith.
The Venkat Prabhu film is going to be the 50th film of Ajith. The teaser of the film was out last month and it created a sensation.
‘Mankatha’ is a high value production by Dhayanidhi Alagiri of Cloud Nine Movies. It is also a real multi starrer after a very long time in Tamil. Yuvan Shankar Raja has already spent a lot of time in talking about the music to be in ‘Mankatha’. This is the fourth film in the combination of Ajith and Yuvan. The film will be a style and substance thriller which in planned for release on May 1, which incidentally is the birth day of Ajith.

Rajnikanth says that his coming into politics is in the hands of God

The 40th Anniversary celebrations of Tamil Nadu Film Directors Association were held in Chennai Nehru Indoor Stadium. There was a programme in this function wherein director K Balachandar interviewed Rajnikanth.
Who is your favourite political leader?
Lee Kuan Yew who created the modern Singapore
Will you come into politics?
It is in the hands of God
What do you think that you have lost after becoming a big actor?
I want to eat in the hotels like a common person. But now that is not possible. I have lost that happiness. I am a prisoner of situation. Since I have sacrificed these kind of happiness, I am a big actor.
Will you write your biography?
If I write the biography, I should tell the truth. This will hurt the people who I write about. Mahatma Gandhi had the guts to write his biography. When I get that kind of braveness I will definitely write my biography.
What are you going to do for the cinema that reached you to great heights?
I will do something that will make Tamilians and Tamil cinema proud.
Will you become a director?
I don’t have the idea to direct. I don’t know that.
How many films have you acted so far?
154 films
Films Veerapandiya Kattabomman and Engal Veetu Pillai are spoken about even today. After 50 years now, which of your films can be compared to them?
Raghavendra, Basha and Endhiran
Will you act in stage plays?
I will definitely act.
I am going to stage the play Major Chandrakanth on April 15th. Will you act in it?
If you stage, I will act.
When you debuted in cinema you use to smoke a lot. Have you reduced it now?
I have reduced considerably.
What are the films you like which I have directed?
I like two of your films. One is Aval Oru Thodar Kadhai which I have seen 8 times and the other one is Arangetram which I have seen 12 times.
Have you even been jealous about anyone?
I am jealous about the hermits in Himalayas.
Who is your favourite director?
What is your favourite food?
Who is your close friend?
Raj Bahadur
What is the thing that you don’t like about me?
You should reduce your angriness.

Meenakshi and her Kaal-shit

Few actresses in Kollywood never bother about their womenhood and modesty and just show away thier skins while attending public events related to Kollywood. Actress Meenakshi who did Karuppasaamy Kuththagai Kaarar is a best example for the same. Even during the lauch event of her first movie she was found wearing some invisible clothes and recently in an even arranged for the lauch of audio of her Mandira Punnagai she was found showing almost the entire part of the leg - luckily not the central area!!! Parthiban was the chief guest and he was made to sit near her. He noticed that lots of camera men were busy taking her photos and there were lots of flashes when she moved her legs while sitting in a chair. When speaking on the occassion, Parthiban said "Camera men here are busy taking kaaal - shit of Meenakshi"
Meenakshi, not understanding what is being discussed, was found wearing a big smile, while all others were laughing at her after hearing the comments from Parthiban!

Actress Parvathi Menon, who started with Malayalam

Actress Parvathi Menon, who started with Malayalam movie Out of Syllabus in 2006, is planning to make her comeback in Mollywood with a movie titled City of God. Buzz up!Parvathi also worked in a few other Malayalam movies like Notebook, Vinodayathra and Flash in 2006 and 2007. She has also worked in Tamil and Kannada movies and earned lots of accolades for her performance. The actress was appreciated for her performance in her last Tamil movie Poo in 2008. However, she was never seen in Malayalam films after 2007. Director Lijo Jose Pellissery’s upcoming film City of God has opened her door to Mollywood and she will get an opportunity to entertain the Malayalam audience again with her charms. City of God stars Prithviraj and Indrajith in the lead roles. The movie is likely to be a thriller and it will be produced by Anil Mathew under the banner of Mary Matha productions. Parvathi was last seen onscreen in the Kannada film Prithvi, which was released in 2010. Kannada actor Puneet Rajkumar was her hero in this film, which earned positive reviews from the critics. Let's hope she entertains the Malayalam viewers with her comeback film!

Neetu Chandra and her 28 cigarettes

Bollywood babe Neetu Chandra is now in Pattaya beach Thailand, shooting Ameer‘s film 'Aadhi Bhagavan'. As this is her career deciding film in Kollywood, Neetu was more than willing to give her best.
But her enthusiasm tested her hard. In one of the scenes Neetu Chandra had to smoke cigarettes which became an issue. Neetu being a non-smoker wasn’t willing to enact the scene. She did not even know how to hold a cigarette in between the fingers. But she learnt it for the sake of professionalism. Director Ameer taught her how to hold a cigarette in different ways, and more ways to stylishly smoke. Before the scene was Okayed Neetu had finished burning 28 cigarettes. But we didn’t know if she finally learnt to smoke.

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