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Monday, October 25, 2010

Vadivelu smiles now!

Even though he makes people to laugh through his comedies, in person, Vadivelu used to be very tough and even this reporter had a very bad experience when trying to meet him for an interview.
When this reporter tried to meet Vadivelu couple years before, that too with prior appointment, he almost chased away by warning the producer to make this reporter out from the shooting spot... It was a question put to him related to his party with Shriya! Now, lots of things have changed in Vadivelu and when some Kasa-Musa question is asked at him, he answer with a smiling face and never get upset over them. This change has come in him after he was fooled by a-singa-muthu. Vadivu also had trouble with Sundar C and other leading men in the industry.


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