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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Know about Arya

Arya was born in Kannanur in Kerala on December 11th 1980. Father Umer and mother Jameela named him Jamshad which means warrior in Arabic language. He became Arya for cinema sake. He has two brothers Zaheer and Raashi. After migrating from Kerala to Tamil Nadu Arya joined SBOA School and completed his computer science in Vandalur Crescent Engineering College. He graduated with 78% marks. Since Arya was not fluent in Tamil, he never use to speak much during his school days. He use to speak English. Though he learnt to speak in Tamil later on he still does not know to write or read Tamil. His favourite pastime is aero modeling. He had an aim of becoming a pilot. Arya’s father is a football champion. So Arya is also interested in football. He started playing football in the age of 4. Now also he is interested in football. He had a plan of settling in U.S. But the Twin Tower Blast thwarted his efforts. He was denied visa because he was Muslim. Jeeva after seeing Arya’s modeling photo gave him the opportunity to act in Ullam Ketkume. That was the time Jeeva changed his name as Arya from Jamshad. But before the release of Ullam Ketkume Arya’s Arindum Ariyamalum hit the screen. This was his first film where he donned the role of Kutty. He got the Film Fare Award for the best debut actor. In the last five years he had acted in 12 Tamil films. He did guest roles in Maya Kannadi, Siva Manasula Sakthi and Kadhal Solla Vandhen. He did the villain role in the Telugu film Varudu in which Allu Arjun did the lead role. Apart from football, he knows cycling and running with professional intricacies.
He never misses the Friday prayers in the mosque. During Ramzan he never misses his fasting.
Arya’s all time favourite actress is Kajol. Next he likes Simran. In the actor he loves Sharukh Khan. He is fond of jeans and T shirts. He likes the dresses which has the amalgamation of red and black. Director Vishnuvardhan, cinematographer Nirav Shah, Vishal, Jeeva, Bharath and Abbas are his close cinema friends. Arya’s monthly habit is snooker. He runs a hotel called Sea Shell at Anna Nagar. Arya’s father Umer visits this restaurant and will be moving with the customers pleasantly. Mother Jameela’s biryani is very popular among Arya’s cinema friends. When Arya is at his house on Sundays, his cinema friends visits his house to eat biryani.
Arya will learn all the matters with interest. For the film Oram Po he learnt to drive auto rickshaw in a night with the help of a auto driver. He is austere that his marriage should be a love marriage. Padmapriya, Nila, Pooja and Emmy Jackson are persons who are rumored to be linked with him. But he says he had a crush on a girl when he was studying sixth standard and that ended that time itself. After this he has not counted that how many girls he loved. He is fond of the quote that” Nothing is impossible”. He goes to the shooting spots on his bike with his helmet. He says it is very easy to go in the heavy traffic. He says there is no thrill in AC cars.
Arya can be seen in the disco at The Park and at Thiruvanmiyur Le Waterina.


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