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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Santhanam speaks about Super star Rajnikanth

Santhanam while speaking to media about Super star said, “That was the time when Endhiran shooting was completed. The land line phone of my house was ringing. My mother lifted the handset and said “Hello”. At the other end the voice that said, “Hello, I am Rajni speaking. Is Santhanam there?” My mother said,”Muruga, don’t play the fool.” Because a friend of mine called Murugan used to mimic Kamal and Rajni’s voice over the phone. But again the person said,’ I am Rajni speaking. Call Santhanam.”Then I understood it was really the Super star that was on the line and so I took the phone. He said, “Hello Santhanam. The shooting of Endhiran has been successfully completed” and continued to speak about so many things. Rajni sir is in great heights because he has got the appreciating heart by calling a comedy actor and that to in the land line. I had planned to pocket Rajni sir somehow at the shooting spot of Endhiran.
So I asked him,” What is Aanma and in which way we will go after our death.”I was pestering with so many divine questions. I thought that he will explain in a language that I will not understand. But he got tensed and said,” Do you think I am a sage? You always speak about Aanma and Karma to me.” Then I understood that Thalaivar was on our track. So I started fooling around with him. The opening scene of Endhiran will have Rajni readying a Robot. So Karunas and I planned that we should get a pat from Rajni sir. So we started fitting the nuts and bolts of the Robot in the presence of Rajni. But Rajni seeing this said,” I think these guys will themselves create a Robot.” He got wild and walked out of the sets. Then we promised him that we will not get more enthusiastic next time and cooled him.


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