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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Haripriya says that she is proud that she is acting in three languages

Haripriya is a Kannada actress who made her debut in the Tamil film Kanagavel Kaaka. The film Vallakottai in which she has done the female lead role is being released for Deepavali. In between she is also pairing with Cheran in the film Muran. Haripriya has celebrated her birthday in Bangalore.

Haripriya while speaking to the media said,” I had acted in the Telugu film Thagida Thagida produced by Bhoomika. My acting in this film was much spoken about.

It was nice experience acting with Nagarjuna, Anushka and Bhoomika. Though she is a Kannada actress she has been getting offers from Tamil and Telugu. If I get a good story there is no problem about the language. In Vallakottai, I am pairing with Arjun. I have donned the role of a village girl.

So far I have not acted in such a role. In Kanagavel Kaaka I have donned the role of a model girl. But I am doing the opposite role in this film. I have done a role that is of bold and brave nature.

But there will be glamour in the song sequences. Many are asking me about being called in Muran shooting. Muran is a film which has Cheran and Prasanna in the cast. I am pairing with Cheran. I am donning the role called Lavanya who makes everyone cheerful. Everybody will like this role after the seeing the film.

Rajan Madhav is a talented director. Cheran started calling me Hari in the shooting spots. Though it is a male name, everybody likes to call the name shortly. Because of this I also liked it. Everybody started me calling me by this name. I am very proud that I am acting in the three languages. It is a good experience that when the people of Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages identity me.”


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