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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mini interview with A R Rahman

So far there no rumors about you? You want to say that there should be rumors about me (laughs).To tell you the truth there is no time for me except home and music. I don’t have the time to go elsewhere and half the time I am flying. Of all the songs you have composed which are the five songs you like the most?
1) Narumugaye from the film Iruvar.
2) Ennavale from the film Kadhalan.
3) Marghazhi Thingal from the film Sangamam
4) Kadhal from the film Udhaya
5) Veerapandi Kottaiyile from the film Thiruda Thiruda
How is your spiritual life?
We can make spiritual life simple or complicated. It is in our hands. Elderly people say,” It is waste to go to the forest and pray. But if you live in a family and if you understand the problem you can be a man”. I have begun my spiritual life like this.
That means you will become a spiritual man in the future?
It is possible if you lead a virtuous life without committing any wrong things. Now itself I can feel that happiness and grief are the same.


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