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Monday, January 31, 2011

Billa 2 doubtful

AjithCinemimi[Monday January 31,2011]
Going by Yuvan Shankar Raja’s message in a micro-blogging site that he is to begin scoring music for a Telugu film to be directed by Vishnuvardhan, it looks like Ajith’s Billa 2 has been put on hold. Sources in Kollywood was abuzz with news that Vishnu and Ajith will team up for Billa 2 and the shooting will commence in April, i.e., soon after the star is free of Mankatha, a film that is being directed by Venkat Prabbu.

If Vishnu begins the Telugu project now, there are chances that it could drag on beyond April, thereby raising doubts about Billa 2. Ajith and Vishnu are expected to make things clear with an official statement soon.

Neetu Chandra masters Tamil

Cinemimi[Monday, January 31, 2011]
When Neetu Chandra was introduced in 'Yavarum Nalam', Tamil language was Latin to her. Then after doing 'Theeratha Vilaiyattu Pillai', she decided to learn Tamil. Now in her third film 'Adhi Bhagavan', sources say Neetu Chandra has mastered the language and converses only in Tamil with the unit members.
Neetu Gallery
They say it was director Ameer who made all the arrangements and tutor for Neetu Chandra to learn the language and it has rewarded. To what extent? Neetu Chandra will be compeering the film’s audio launch function which is going to happen in March. She will conduct the event in Tamil and only Tamil.

‘Adhi Bhagavan’ is a romance starring ‘Jayam’ Ravi and Neetu Chandra in lead roles. It is written and directed by Ameer and produced by a DMK politician. The film is nearing completion with more than 60 percent of the shooting already finished.

Singam Puli release date confirmed!

Singam PuliCinemimi[Monday January 31,2011]
Jiiva’s Singam Puli will be released on February 11th, 2011, say its producers Parthiban and Srinivasan. According to the producers, they will release the film in the city while prominent distributors will distribute it in the rest of the state.

The music for this film has been scored by Mani Sharma and Sai Ramani has wielded the megaphone. Singam Puli has Divya Spandana pairing up with Jiiva and Santhanam providing comic relief. It may be mentioned here that Jiiva plays a dual role in this film for the first time in his career.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Celebrating difference

Sundance Film FestivalCinemimi[Sunday January 30,2011]
Sundance Film Festival, the largest independent cinema festival in the United States, concludes today amid a spectacular display of some groundbreaking work from independent filmmakers from the US and other nations. The 10-day festival took place from Jan. 20-30. Focus on Films
The festival has deliberately toned down the celebrity hype by launching 'Focus On Film'campaign that it began in 2007. Many films have got the audiences thinking and talking.

The India angle
India’s only representation this year was a joint venture with UK and USA - The Bengali Detective, directed by Philip Cox, which was presented in the World Cinema Documentary Competition. The film is the story of a private detective Rajesh in Kolkata, who investigates cases and also has a dance troupe that hopes to appear on a talent hunt show on TV. The film has garnered a positive response.

The Katie Holmes controversy
Actor Katie Holmes was 'upset' by reports that Hollywood executives walked out of a preview for her movie The Son Of No One. The film’s producer Cassian Elwes said: “She's (Holmes) very upset by this attack.”

Mahindra-Sundance tie up
Sundance Institute has tied up with Mumbai Mantra, Mahindra Group’s media and entertainment division, to organise an annual screenwriters’ lab in India that will recognise and nurture budding talent in India and across the world.

Sundance Film Festival
Sundance Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival

Vidya Balan signs Malayalam movie

Cinemimi[Sunday January 30,2011]
Remember Vidya Balan was to make her debut in film industry through the Malayalam movie Chakram with Mohan Lal nearly before 7 years. Regrettably the project was shelved letting Vidya choose Bollywood as her destiny. And now she is all set to make her debut in Malayalam movie with the same actor she dreamt of pairing with.
Vidya Balan Hot Gallery
The actress has signed Priyadarshan’s new Malayalam movie Arabiyum Ottakavum P Madhavan Nairum. Set in backdrops of Abu Dhabi, the film is reported to be a comedy thriller with Bhavana and Lakshmi Rai sharing screen space in female lead roles alongside Vidya Balan.

The film will go on floors from March 1 at a stretch of three schedules planned in Trivandrum, Kochi and Dubai.

Now South Indian filmmakers and producers can get themselves brimmed with hopes that Vidya would sign their projects as well.

Biutiful, Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu, 147 mins (15)

cinemimi[Sunday January 30,2011]
Javier Bardem has so many troubles, some not of this world, even he can't rescue this artsy flop

Reviewed by cinemimi team

I'm not averse to a little spirituality in my films – among recent releases, take Of Gods and Men, Uncle Boonmee or currently, The Portuguese Nun by France's quiet visionary Eugène Green.

I don't mind mysticism; it's mystification that gets my goat. Two films released last week address the enigma of the afterlife, and both strike me as bogus. One is Hollywood Bogus, the other International Art-House Bogus, and the latter, in my book, is more galling – especially when it comes from as talented a director as Mexico's Alejandro Gon-zalez Iñarritu, who made the vital, ground-breaking Amores Perros.

Set in Barcelona, Biutiful is the story of a modern-day martyr. Uxbal (Javier Bardem) operates in the city's underground economy, a fixer for deals involving illegal immigrants. He has a corrupt cop leaning on him, is dying of prostate cancer, is struggling to raise two kids while his bipolar ex-wife (Maricel Alvarez) sleeps with his sleazy brother (Eduard Fernandez), and the long-buried father he never knew is about to be exhumed. Oh, and he also sees dead people. Sometimes on the ceiling. As the late comic Max Wall said, after a litany of personal woes – it's got to be funny, hasn't it?

The city depicted here is a stew of poverty and squalor, nothing short of hell on earth – not least for its struggling migrant populations. Iñarritu deserves credit for depicting a multi-ethnic, grittily non-touristic Barcelona never normally seen on film, but that alone doesn't provide credibility. The realism of this milieu is intense enough – and surely worth the investment of storytelling faith – without Iñarritu and his co-writers dragging in a mess of metaphysics. (When you die, apparently, you go to the Pyrenees, or some similar snowbound realm; it looked to me a lot like Narnia.)

Iñarritu's previous films were a touch humourless, but you could always see the pleasure he took in narrative – his 21 Grams leavened the heaviness of its themes with the director's light touch in tossing its jigsaw shapes. But Biutiful – Iñarritu's first film without writer Guillermo Arriaga – is a sombre drag, maintaining almost unbroken glumness as it heaps woe after woe upon its hero. Fortunately Bardem's ox-like shoulders can take it, and one of the film's saving graces is the quiet, dignified solidity of his Oscar-nominated performance.

Iñarritu is hugely talented, but as his last film Babel showed, he's come to regard himself far too seriously as an artist; it now behoves him to make grand statements about the state of modernity's soul (Biutiful has an Oscar nomination as Best Foreign Film, and it's earnest enough to win). Without doubt, there's some impressive cinema in here, including hauntingly moody night photography by Rodrigo Prieto, and a dynamically photographed police chase through the crowds (genuinely taken aback, it seems) of an upmarket shopping area. But the narrative is downright ludicrous – its nadir comes when Uxbal performs a good deed which, with the bitterest irony, causes the death of 25 people. I can see how it might have worked in one of the blacker episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Iñarritu loses further points for whimsy – the film's title comes from Uxbal's daughter's misspelt English – and for egregiously crass use of Ravel's Piano Concerto in G. Tendentious, leaden, resembling a grim summit between Ken Loach and M Night Shyamalan, Biutiful is altogether "hidius".

Where Iñarritu uses the theme of the afterlife as rather precious meta-phor, Hereafter is straightforwardly preachy. This sleek, ether-struck nonsense is made by – of all people – the normally level-headed Clint Eastwood, and is a three-part tale of linked destinies, apparently modelled on Iñarritu's trilogy films ('cause it sure ain't out of Pulp Fiction). One third, set in London – and arguably the clunkiest work in Eastwood's entire oeuvre – involves the young twin sons (George and Frankie McLaren) of a junkie mother. When one dies in an accident, the other – taken into care – tries to contact him in the Great Beyond.

Another strand involves Marie, a French TV journalist (Cécile de France, commandingly punchy) who is caught in a tsunami while visiting Indonesia, and has a near-death experience in which she sees crowds standing in a field of light, like alien-abductee extras in Close Encounters. That's the sort of thing Hollywood movies unthinkingly do: suggest that thousands of nameless Asians died (in a scrupulously CGI-recreated cataclysm) purely so that one Western tourist can have a life-changing moment of illumination.

And so hard-nosed reporter Marie drops the Mitterrand biography she's contracted to write and pursues instead her own enquiry into the afterlife – concluding that research into the subject has been suppressed by the forces of "prejudice and closed-mindedness". Rationalists are made to look pretty obtuse here, while enlightenment is embodied by a wise Swiss doctor (Marthe Keller) who tells Marie that, speaking as a doctor and an atheist, even she believes that the evidence of life after death is "irrefutable". Get that? Irrefutable. I can't wait for Clint's next film about intelligent design and how Darwinian punks have hijacked America's classrooms. The three story strands converge in exorbitantly improbable fashion when the characters all independently wind up at a book fair at London's Ally Pally, thanks to Charles Dickens (and a bemused-looking Derek Jacobi as himself). It's as if some higher power were governing their destinies – or as if writer Peter Morgan were outrageously pulling the strings of Dickensian plot contrivance. Now, it's entirely possible that Morgan's script might originally have been intended as a more ambivalent, sceptical, playful undertaking. If so, Eastwood certainly doesn't make it come across that way.

There's actually a third of a decent film in this glossy vacancy, with Matt Damon as a reluctant medium who has abandoned the profession because "a life that's all about death is no life at all". Demonstrating what he means, a cookery-class encounter between him and a potential girlfriend (Bryce Dallas Howard) goes poignantly wrong – and, mawkish as this duet could have been, Eastwood's steady direction gets the best out of Howard.

Above all, Damon, whenever he's on screen, gives the film real human warmth, and reminds us just how good this actor is at self-effacing, bloke-on-the-corner vulnerability (and how good Eastwood is with themes of male loneliness). Damon makes plain old earthbound existence look far more intriguing than any transcendental flummery, and just about redeems the film from its laborious anti-rationalist propagandising. Mind you, it's uncanny, isn't it, that there should be two films about the afterlife in one week. Coincidence? Divine intention? Or distributors being clever? You decide. I'm just too closed-minded to care.

Next Week:

Jonathan Romney squares up to The Fighter, a boxing drama from Hollywood pugilist David O Russell

Pathinaru Trailers

Cinemimi[Sunday January 30,2011]
Pathinaru Trailers/Pathinaru Videos

Pathinaru Trailers

Jeff Bridges may be Hollywood royalty, but deep down he's just The Dude

Jeff Bridges is cinematic giant known as much for his laid-back attitude as his screen roles. Now he is up for an Oscar in a reprise of the True Grit role made famous by John Wayne

At a recent soiree in the rarefied surrounds of the Paley Centre in Beverly Hills, Jeff Bridges attended an unusual movie premiere. Instead of a film featuring him playing a big role, the movie was about his life.

As part of PBS's American Masters series, the star-struck crowd at Paley watched an 82-minute documentary detailing Bridges's escapades in Hollywood. Afterwards he indulged in a Q&A with the crowd. The experience, he said, had been just like watching a "giant home movie".

So it should be. For Bridges, who grew up next to Beverly Hills, has spent most of his life in the Hollywood system. He was born into a showbusiness family, had his first role aged four months in 1950 and now, at 61, has made more than 60 films.

Now he is nominated once again for the best actor Oscar; for his role as Rooster Cogburn in the Coen Brothers' True Grit. That follows his best actor win last year for his portrayal of a drunken country music singer in Crazy Heart. With six Oscar nominations to his name, Bridges has finally blossomed into his birthright: he is Hollywood royalty.

Yet there is a potential obstacle to this latest success and it comes in the shape of Colin Firth. The British actor's portrayal of a stuttering monarch in The King's Speech is generating the hottest buzz in tinseltown, especially as Firth's strong performance last year in A Single Man lost out to Bridges. "Those two were up against each other last year. They are nose to nose again, but I think this is Colin's year," said celebrity interviewer Gayl Murphy.

Firth may be cracking open Hollywood and finally becoming a big name star. But Bridges has lived his life as one. Whether he wins an Oscar for playing the cigar-chomping Cogburn is almost irrelevant. His position in Hollywood is now so exalted that he cannot lose. "He is the male equivalent of Meryl Streep," said Richard Laermer, a cultural critic at the Huffington Post.

"Everything he does from now on will get a nomination. People love him. They love him the same way as they love Jack Nicholson."

Almost everything Bridges does appears to exude the Zen-like calm of a man already at the top of the mountain. Few know that better than Murphy, who has interviewed him about 15 times. Bridges is almost unique, she says, in being relaxed in a Hollywood world usually defined by high-octane egos, controlling PRs and staggering narcissism. "He's mellow. He's out there. He's interested and interesting and when you interview him he always asks you questions too," she said.

Bridges is, in short, a little similar to one of his most famous roles: that of The Dude in the Coen Brothers' comedy The Big Lebowski. The Dude was a stoner, at peace with a confusing world, standing slightly above the concerns of others and pursuing his own form of happiness.

For an actor known to practise meditation (and smoke a little marijuana) and play with a band in his home town of Santa Barbara, it was not a huge jump. "He'll show up in a Hawaiian shirt to an interview. He's sort of like the Jimmy Buffet of acting. He is just so grounded," Murphy said.

Perhaps his rare sense of equanimity can be accounted for by the fact that Bridges did not have to break into Hollywood. His story was not one of arriving in California from some midwestern town with a dollar and a dream. He was born within sight of the Hollywood sign to the actress Dorothy Bridges and the actor Lloyd Bridges. His father had several hit shows, called Sea Hunt and The Lloyd Bridges Show, and both Jeff and his older brother, Beau, both had occasional appearances on them.

Jeff was a natural talent. His first Oscar nomination came with his first major role – in The Last Picture Show in 1971 – and he has hardly looked back. Granted, his early film career contains its fair share of misses – King Kong and Heaven's Gate, for instance – but his filmography also includes some of the great classics of modern American cinema. From The Big Lebowski to Starman to The Fisher King to The Fabulous Baker Boys, Bridges has embraced a variety of roles from hippy to alien to radio shock jock to errant bad-boy musician. But through it all he has maintained a fundamental likeableness that endears him to audiences of all ages even as it brings in big box office for studio executives. He is hailed as one of the great actors of his generation with a range of ability that far outweighs many of his rivals.

Yet, unusually for such a high-profile male Hollywood star, there is no dramatic personal life to speak of. Not for Bridges the disastrous private life of Charlie Sheen, whose drug and hooker problems regularly hit the headlines. Not for him flirtations with Scientology or divorces from other A-list names. Instead he chose the Paul Newman route: eschewing the temptations brought by his sex appeal and plumping for a settled married life.

Bridges met Susan Geston, who was to become his wife, in 1974. They remain happily married and have three daughters. He lives, in many ways, an ordinary life.

"He loves his wife and loves his family. He lives in Santa Barbara and plays guitar in his band. You can go and see him play locally. He is just a real-life guy," Murphy said.

Well, to a degree. He is the sort of humble guy who was brave enough to take the True Grit role of Rooster Cogburn and his famous eye patch, stepping into the sizable shoes of John Wayne. Yet Bridges – helped greatly by the Coen brothers' direction and script – took on the role and made it his own. The film, which its directors are at pains to point out is not a remake but an adaptation of the original book, has stunned many by becoming an instant hit.

"Bridges, in the old John Wayne role, plays a man, not a myth; you can sense Rooster's stink and his nasty intelligence," wrote the New Yorker critic David Denby.

"It's hard to imagine bigger boots to fill than the ones that earned John Wayne his Oscar in True Grit, and yet Jeff Bridges handily reinvents the iconic role," said Variety's Peter Debruge.

Even the unlikely figure of New York Times political writer Frank Rich joined the chorus. He devoted a column to the themes raised by the work and went so far as to say the movie encapsulated the yearnings of modern America. "The one-eyed man is king," Rich wrote. He might as well have added that the man who played him is, too.

With back-to-back best actor nominations, a public that loves him and a pack of critics that worships him, Bridges has the pick of any role. No doubt many more nominations lie ahead. "He is the grand old fellow of Hollywood. He will just keep getting nominated from now on," said Laermer.

That is why no upstart actor like Firth is going to make much of a difference. "Colin Firth has peaked with The King's Speech," said Laermer. "There is nothing more than he can do now. Bridges will just keep rolling in and rolling out."

It is a rare place to be, occupying a spot alongside a handful of names like Jack Nicholson, Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman. But Bridges is, as always, likely to be unfazed. Like his famous cinematic alter ego, The Dude, Bridges's mellow nature is likely to accept all his success with a shrug and a wink. No wonder, perhaps, that the PBS American Masters documentary celebrating his life as an actor was titled with an oft-quoted line from The Big Lebowski. It was called The Dude Abides. And so he does.

Will small budget films with low publicity do well?

Cinemimi[Sunday January 30,2011]
With no big releases this weekend, small budget movies which have been lying in cans are finally in theaters today. Among them, the most publicized film is Pathinaaru directed by D Sabapathy starring Tamizh Padam fame Shiva and newcomer Madhu Shalini. It is said to be a love story with a difference and the movie seems to be garnering positive reviews mostly.

Another film that has released today is called Vada Poda Nanbargal. The film did have publicity but not enough to catch attention. The film, based on friendship and romance, stars Inidhu Inidhu fame Shaan, newcomer Yasmin and also veteran actor ‘Nizhagal’ Ravi. Pazhagiyathe Pirivatharka, another movie which has not been publicized at all has also released today. It is said to be about a psycho-romance thriller. The film has Selvam and Tharuna in the lead roles. With hardly any publicity, even good movies do not do well, we just hope the movies that released today make a mark if they have good content

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shahrukh to romance Madhuri again

ShahrukhCinemimi[Saturday, January 29, 2011]
Bollywood King of romance Shahrukh Khan and the Dhak Dhak girl Madhuri are all set to come together…. But for the select few… we mean the awesome twosome pair of Shahrukh and Madhuri will perform live today evening at Yashraj Studios in Mumbai at the most awaited 56th Idea Filmfare Awards.

Both of them will enthrall the audience by performing some of their most loved numbers together from their film 'Dil Toh Pagal Hai' and 'Devdas'.

The Dhak Dhak girl Madhuri is looking forward for her act with Shah Rukh. They both are great friends and they had a great time catching up during their preparations.

It a known fact that SRK and Madhuri are great pals and they admire each other a lot.

The bollywood dancing diva has been repeatedly saying that SRK is the best co-star she has ever worked with, for the Badshah Shahrukh, Madhuri is the one and only Bollywood diva.

Well we have seen them on screen and loved them a lot, now today it will be an affair to remember for those who are attending the award function today and later on for the viewers on 6thj of February on Sony TV.

Ajay's warning for newcomers

AjayCinemimi[Saturday, January 29, 2011]
Ajay had a terrific 2010 and now with 'Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji' fetching good appreciation as well, seems like the veteran actor with 20 years of acting experience behind him is continuing to find very good audience acceptance as well.

"See, the matter of the fact us that audience takes a lot of time to accept an actor", says Ajay who entered the industry a couple of decades back with 'Phool Aur Kaante', "Every month there is a new actor who steps in Bollywood. How many of them survive? And then there are others who go through their highs and lows, only to stabilise much later."

He continues, "However, once these actors stick with the audience, they stick on for long. It is extremely rare when an actor gets immediately accepted but then the journey only becomes far tougher for him to continue making a good impression with every outing. Such actors have to be in fact extra careful."

Well Ranveer Singh, if there was an advice that you needed after gaining instant acclaim with 'Band Baaja Baaraat', it is right here!

Shahrukh will stop Salman’s dream run?

ShahrukhCinemimi[Saturday, January 29, 2011]
Shahrukh Khan may avoid Salman’s hatrick…. The ‘Dabangg’ Khan dream run might end today and the dream to hold the elusive black lady will still remain a dream for the lady killer and B-town macho Khan Salman Khan.

The battle royal begins today at night when all eyes will be on the black lady – the Film Fare Awards, Bollywood supreme yardstick of excellence.

Salman who had a dream year with the blockbuster ‘Dabangg’ which has fetched him Star Screen and Apsara till now is eyeing a hartrick with FilmFare….. but it’s going to be tough for the ‘Dabangg’ Khan to conquer King Khan Shahrukh Khan’s territory- the Film Fare where the Badshah has ruled for 13 times in together, 7 of them in the capacity of the best actor.

This time the two mighty Khans of Bollywood are battling against each other for the coveted trophy in order to make themselves and their fans proud, folks it’s going to be the battle of the decade cause this time many things are at stake.

If Salman’s ‘Dabangg’ became the top grosser in India and gave a serious face lift to Salman as the messiah at Bollywood box office, then arch rival Shahrukh Khan’s ‘My Name Is Khan’ became the highest overseas grosser of Bollywood cementing Shahrukh Khan’s status as the global Indian superstar.

Film Fare trophy has proudly escorted King Khan to his home many times since 1993 when he kissed the black lady for the first time when as the best newcomer in 1993 for ‘Deewana’.

Surprisingly, Salman is now making his presence felt in the award winners galore after 23 years of illustrious career.

As the evening draws nearer, the excitement rises as we all are expecting a nail biting finish..

Let’s see how the new kid on the award block Salman bowls over the mighty defense of the veteran in the award field Shahrukh Khan.

Post your winner as we keep our fingers crossed.

Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi @ Art Exhibition

Cinemimi[Sunday, January 29, 2011]

Event: The launch of People's Initiative Art Exhibition by 10 Eminent Artists.

Guests: Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi Stalin, Art Director Trotsky Marudhu, Painter Door Santhanam, Bureaucrat Mr.Christo Dass Gandhi IAS and others.

Date: 29.01.11

Place: Apparao Gallery in Chennai.

Watch Video

'Arumbu Meesai Kurumbu Paarvai' Trailer Launch

Cinemimi[Sunday, January 29, 2011]
Arumbu Meesai Kurumbu Paarvai' Trailer Launch

Decoding the reasons why Abhishek continues to be popular

AbhishekCinemimi[Sunday, January 29, 2011]
Abhishek Bachchan has at least half a dozen films (Game, Dum Maro Dum, Bol Bachchan, Players, Department etc.), lined up for release in next two years with his date diary being totally booked. Now for an actor who hasn't enjoyed the best year of his career in 2010 (with 'Raavan' and 'Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se'), one would have expected something on the contrary.

"In a way this also reflects the shortage of known names, let alone saleable ones, that we have in Bollywood today", rues a trade expert, "How many films can you expect the four Khans (Aamir, Salman, Shah Rukh, Saif), Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn or Hrithik Roshan to do? We have only these seven names if you have to think of an actor with a mature personality. Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor and Imran Khan are more suited for younger roles."

"This is the reason why one continues to remember Abhishek's solo hits like 'Guru' and 'Bunty Aur Babli'", a senior film maker comments on condition of anonymity, "Ok, so these films may seem to have arrived centuries ago but the fact remains that Abhishek has proved himself at the least. The Bachchan tag also means that he would ensure good product visibility at the least. In that sense, the makers would save some time, money and energy in hard selling their film which would otherwise not be the case if they take someone else who is either lower down the order or a relatively new face."

Well, this is indeed a point to ponder over. What do you think?

"I watch a romcom only when my wife drags me" - Emraan Hashmi

Cinemimi[Sunday, January 29, 2011]

Interview by Cinemimi Team]
Emraan Hashmi is happy that for his first ever romcom, he chose ''Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji''. Though he has played a mischievous and naughty character for almost each of his earlier films, hardly a few belonged to the romantic genre. And now that he would be seen in this Madhur Bhandarkar directed affair, Emraan is happy that he has managed to be romantic without falling into the kind of setup that Yash Chopra films excel in...

Emraan, what is that excites you most about 'Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji'?
What works most in favour of 'Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji' is the man at the hot seat, Madhur Bhandarkar. He is anyways known for his realistic portrayal of situations. We have seen that in his dark films. Now that he is making a light hearted film, you can sense his touch yet again.

Can you elaborate that?

Well, for starters he has made a film which, despite its romantic genre, departs from a typical Yash Chopra film that involves singing and dancing around the trees. Moreover, 'Dil To Baccha Hai Ji' is not a fairy tale; it is real and tells it's audience that 'Hey look, this is how people actually fall in love'!

Well, I can sense that you are obviously enthusiastic about the film now that it is ready for release. However, were you as enthusiastic when Bhandarkar first approached you for the film? After all you aren't seen in too many multi starrers though your last release, 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai', was an exception.

(Laughs) There is a story behind this as well. When Madhur had called me to his office, the film that he was said to be concentrating on at that time was 'Heroine'. I thought that may be he had a part for me there and I was being cast in 'Heroine'. It was only when I met him when he told me about making this film which was about three guys and their love stories with each of them being situational.

But was it an instant call for you? Weren't you apprehensive about how you would fit into a romcom?
Yes, I had to ponder over it for while before saying yes. Really, I don't understand romcoms at all and if someone was to ask me, I would say that attempting this genre is the last thing that I would have liked to do. Even as an audience, I watch a romcom only when my wife drags me; otherwise I avoid it as much as possible. I come more from this school of intense, topical and dramatic cinema (smiles).

guess the fact that 'Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji' won't be treading an oft repeated path changed your mind, right?
As I had stated earlier, Madhur is quite good at realism. He has brought his own touch into the narrative of 'Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji' as well. He has shown that even for guys, romance is not so easy; there are lots of hardships involved. I really liked that because that's what takes the film away from a clichéd Bollywood fairy tale romance. I had to say yes so here I am (smiles).

Tamil Actors Suriya In Movie Wallpepers

Suriya movie image
Suriya wallpeper
Suriya movie wallpepers
Suriya movie still
Suriya photos gallery
Tamil Actors Suriya photos
Tamil Actors Suriya wallpeper
Tamil Actors Suriya Movie wallpepers
Suriya photos
Suriya image

Ajay jokes on Saifeena’s marriage

AjayCinemimi[Sunday, January 30, 2011]
Oops! It’s more controversial these days in Koffee with Karan shows and Karan Johar may become the reason for inevitable wars amongst B-town stars in future. When celebrities are there to shoot the breeze with K Jo in his TV show, they’re sure to hit headlines more for ‘controversial factors’. It is relentlessly occurring in every episode of his show and the recent one isn’t an elision.

Across the rapid fire round, K Jo requested Ajay Devgn to render advice to Saif-Kareena on their marriage only to hear a shocking statement of 3 words – ‘Please Don’t Marry’. Karan could sense his heart skipped a beat but couldn’t go further asking for reasons. Well, after all, it’s ‘Rapid Fire Round’ and K Jo had to go by the rules.

The closer sources mentioned that it was just for fun and nothing serious to ponder upon.

Arya, Anushka & Tammannah gets it on Feb 13

AnushkaCinemimi[Sunday, January 30, 2011]
Arya, Anushka, Tammannah, music director Bharadwaj, Karunas, ‘Poovilangu Mohan, ‘Metti Oli’ Thirumurugan, Rohini, Chinni Jayanth, Saranya and Revathi Shankaran among others have been selected for the prestigious Kalaimamani awards announced by the Tamil Nadu state government.

The awards for the years 2008, 2009, and 2010 were announced by the government and several noted personalities in arts, literature and drama have been selected.

A grand function has been scheduled to be held at the Valluvar Kottam in Chennai on February 13th, 2011 during which the award winners will be felicitated with a memento and cash prize.

Ajith surprises Arjun

Arjun  Cinemimi [Sunday, January 30, 2011]
We all know that Arjun is playing a crucial role in Mankatha, the 50th film of Ajith. Sources close to the unit recall a memorable incident that happened recently when Arjun joined the cast and crew of the film.

"It was Mankatha team's first day with Arjun. Though there were no scenes to be shot on Ajith that day, he was one of the early birds on the sets to welcome Arjun with a big bouquet and warm smile," they say.

"Arjun, who was surprised to see Ajith welcoming him, was overwhelmed with the reception given to him. The team is having a blast shooting Mankatha thanks to Ajith and other members," the source maintains.

Directed by Venkat Prabhu, Mankatha, produced by Dhayanidhi Alagiri has been shaping up as the real big multi-starrer of Kollywood. It already has Trisha, Arjun, Vaibhav, Lakshmi Rai, Premji Amaren and Anjali in pivotal roles.

Q&A: With Prakash Raj and Radha Mohan

Payanam Cinemimi[Sunday, January 30, 2011]
Prakash Raj produced and Radha Mohan directed film ‘Payanam’ will introduce a new genre to Tamil cinema. It is about a plane hijack drama featuring Nagarjuna, Prakash Raj and Sana Khan in main roles.

To let you know more about the film Producer Prakash Raj and director Radha Mohan have agreed to speak to IndiaGlitz readers about the film and it’s making.

Watch Now - 'Payanam' Trailer

Seedan’ is a Dhanush film

SeedanCinemimi[Saturday, January 29, 2011]
Dhanush’s upcoming movie ‘Seedan’ has started its promotions and the materials feature Dhanush prominently. The promos say ‘Dhanush in amazing appearance’. This has puzzled many because there was news before saying ‘Seedan’ cannot be called Dhanush film as he plays only a cameo.

But the director of the film Subramaniam Siva strongly disagrees and asserts ‘Seedan’ will be accepted as Dhanush film. Siva reveals that Dhanush enters the scene towards the end of the first half and then carries the rest of the film on his shoulders.

It is an important role and without Dhanush the story makes no sense, the director clarifies. Siva further praises Dhanush for accepting a role without conventional heroics in spite of being a mass hero. His character will be like that of Amir Khan in ‘Tare Zameen Par’ and Vijayakanth in ‘Oomai Vizhigal’. Such a strong central character Dhanush plays according to the director.

Starring newcomer Krishna and ‘Naadodigal’ fame Ananya of romantic lead, ‘Seedan’ has Suhasini Mani Ratnam, Sheela and Vivek in other supporting roles. The hit combo of Dhanush-Subramaniam Siva is coming together after the super success of their 2003 blockbuster ‘Thiruda Thirudi’.

dhanush in Seedan
dhanus in Seedan
dhanush in Seedan

‘Mankatha’ Updates

Cinemimi[Saturday, January 29, 2011]
Here are the latest happenings from ‘Mankatha’ front. Venkat Prabhu has finished picturising three songs for the film. Ajith Intro Song that was shot in Bangkok, A kuthu song involving Ajith with Premji, Vaibhav and others shot in Chennai and a duet featuring Ajith and Trisha, also shot in Chennai. With this major development ‘Mankatha’ has completed 50 percent of its talkie portions.

And an important action scene was also completed. The highlight of this stunt sequence is that Ajith performed the actions with a Body Mount Camera weighing around 30kg mounted on his body to capture the close actions when he runs, walks and turns.

It’s a known fact that Ajith had lot of surgeries on his body and the actor avoids taking risks while shooting. But when Venkat Prabhu came up with this unique idea, Thala readily agreed. Mankatha‘s Chennai portions will get over by Monday and then the unit will move to Mumbai for the rest of the portions.

The thriller starring Ajith, Arjun, Trisha, Anjali, Lakshmi Rai,Premji, Vaibhav, Makath, Jayaprakash and Subbu Panju is about gambling mafia at work during IPL cricket season.

Who is ‘Rana’?

RajinikanthCinemimi[Saturday, January 29, 2011]
There are doubts in Kollywood that ‘Rana’, the trilingual announced by Superstar Rajinikanth on Friday, is nothing but the revival of ‘Sultan the Warrior’, the top actor’s first animation film.

“Since the film involves huge budget and requires more live scenes, it has now been given the avatar of a feature film in association with Eros International,” a section of Kollywood pundits felt.

However, those close to Ocher Studios, the production house run by Soundarya Rajinikanth which would produce ‘Rana’ along with Eros International, were quick to deny this claim.

“This is a fresh script to be directed by K S Ravikumar. To be produced on a huge budget, the movie will be simultaneously made in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. A popular heroine will be paired opposite the Superstar,” they say.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Yudham Sei Trailers

Cinemimi[Friday January 28,2011]
Yudham Sei Trailers

Yudham Sei Trailers/Yudham Sei Videos

Payanam Trailers

Cinemimi[Friday January 28,2011]
Payanam Trailers

Payanam Trailers/Payanam Videos

Chikku Bhukku Trailers

Cinemimi[Friday January 28,2011]
Chikku Bhukku Trailers

Chikku Bhukku Trailers/Chikku Bhukku Videos

Breaking News: Rajini's next is 'Rana'

RajiniCinemimi[Friday, January 28, 2011]
International media house Eros International and Soundarya Rajinikanth’s Ocher Studios have joined hands to co-produce the next film of Super Star Rajinikanth to be directed by K. S. Ravikumar.

The film titled ‘RANA” is going to be another big multilingual that will be released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Scheduled to go on floor in March this year, Rana will be a live action magnum opus with Rajini playing triple role.

The film will have Music by A R Rahman, Cinematography is by Ratnavelu, Editing is by Antony and Art directed by Rajeevan. The technical & special effects director will be Soundarya Rajinikanth and Charles Darby of Eyeqube Studios, renowned visual effects luminary and an Emmy award winner will be the visual effects supervisor on the film. The film is scheduled to release early 2012.

Speaking on the development, Sunil Lulla, Managing Director, Eros International Media Ltd said, “We are extremely excited to join hands with Tamil industry’s most popular super star Rajinikanth for Rana and this time audiences will be treated with their favourite actor donning a triple role in the film. Rana is going to be far different from any of the recent Rajni films, a complete live action magnum opus with loads of entertainment for his fans”.

Soundarya Rajinikanth, Director of Ocher Studios Private Limited added, “We are very pleased to announce this partnership with Eros International for RANA. We hope to make a film together that will live up to the huge expectations of the movie-goers and reach out to maximum audiences across the globe”.

Sun releases 'Endhiran' figures

EndhiranCinemimi[Friday, January 28, 2011]
The guessing game has come to an end. Sun Group, the producers of Superstar Rajinikanth starrer 'Endhiran' today announced that they earned revenues of Rs 179 crore from the film.

A release announcing the quarterly financial results of Sun Group said: 'During this quarter, the Company released a blockbuster movie simultaneously in three languages titled ‘Endhiran’ in Tamil and ‘Robot’ in Telugu and Hindi.'

'The Company earned revenues of Rs.179 crores, including Rs.15 crores expected towards satellite rights which has not been included in the revenues in this quarter. The Company has spent Rs.132 crores on the production of this blockbuster.'

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