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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oviya says that she is now interested in Tamil culture

Oviya has robbed our hearts by her beauty and acting. She who was known as Helen is now known as Oviya in Tamil. Now she is acting in the Kannada remake of Kazhavani. She while speaking to the media said,” Many are asking me that why I am doing second heroine role in the film Agarathi after the success of Kazhavani. I agreed to act in Agarathi two years back. The story was good in this film. But Kazhavani was released before Agarathi hit the screens. Now I have got a good heroine image. I did not do anything wrong. I will always act in films that have good stories. With regard to Deepavali celebrations, I should say that in Kerala, Deepavali is not given much importance. Now after coming to shooting here, I am interested in Tamil culture. So I have decided to buy a half saree for this Deepavali.”


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