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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Asin says she does not worry about rumors

Asin celebrated her birthday in Mumbai on Tuesday.Bollywood actors and sportsman greeted her and made her drown in the sea of happiness. We spoke to Asin who was in cloud nine.
Birthday gift?
Every year my father Joseph Thottankal used to gift me a costly car on my birthday. This year also he gifted me a car worth Rs.25 lakhs. I have 5 cars. My mother Celine prepared fish, chicken, payasam, appam, chocolate and cake which I am very fond of. Apart from this she gifted me diamond jewellery and gold jewels. We enjoyed a lot with my school time friends who have come from abroad.
How is it that you are continuously acting remake film? Malayalam film Body Guard is being remade in Tamil with the title Kaavalan. I am pairing with Vijay in this film. The Telugu film Ready is being remade in Hindi. I am pairing with Salman Khan in this. All these things happened unexpectedly. Back to Tamil again? If I get good story and character and my call sheet accommodates I will act in Tamil film after the release of Kaavalan. I don’t speak about salary. I expect the salary according to the market. The announcement regarding me acting in two Hindi films will be announced shortly. There are lots of rumors about you? This is the cost I am paying for my fame in cinema. I cannot give explanation for each rumors. It is not necessary. My fans know about me.


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