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Monday, October 25, 2010

Rajnikanth says that his coming into politics is in the hands of God

The 40th Anniversary celebrations of Tamil Nadu Film Directors Association were held in Chennai Nehru Indoor Stadium. There was a programme in this function wherein director K Balachandar interviewed Rajnikanth.
Who is your favourite political leader?
Lee Kuan Yew who created the modern Singapore
Will you come into politics?
It is in the hands of God
What do you think that you have lost after becoming a big actor?
I want to eat in the hotels like a common person. But now that is not possible. I have lost that happiness. I am a prisoner of situation. Since I have sacrificed these kind of happiness, I am a big actor.
Will you write your biography?
If I write the biography, I should tell the truth. This will hurt the people who I write about. Mahatma Gandhi had the guts to write his biography. When I get that kind of braveness I will definitely write my biography.
What are you going to do for the cinema that reached you to great heights?
I will do something that will make Tamilians and Tamil cinema proud.
Will you become a director?
I don’t have the idea to direct. I don’t know that.
How many films have you acted so far?
154 films
Films Veerapandiya Kattabomman and Engal Veetu Pillai are spoken about even today. After 50 years now, which of your films can be compared to them?
Raghavendra, Basha and Endhiran
Will you act in stage plays?
I will definitely act.
I am going to stage the play Major Chandrakanth on April 15th. Will you act in it?
If you stage, I will act.
When you debuted in cinema you use to smoke a lot. Have you reduced it now?
I have reduced considerably.
What are the films you like which I have directed?
I like two of your films. One is Aval Oru Thodar Kadhai which I have seen 8 times and the other one is Arangetram which I have seen 12 times.
Have you even been jealous about anyone?
I am jealous about the hermits in Himalayas.
Who is your favourite director?
What is your favourite food?
Who is your close friend?
Raj Bahadur
What is the thing that you don’t like about me?
You should reduce your angriness.


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