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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Namitha is missing from Kollywood

Sexy babe Namitha is missing from Kollywood and Kollywood is wondering where the babe has gone hiding!
Every week, people watch her in Kalaignar TV's Maanaada Mayil Aada... but Kollywood is not able to locate her.
HosurOnline assigned the job to one of the reporter and he some how managed to smell the exact location of her living and met her in person.
HosurOnline questioned Namitha about her absense in Kollywood movies.
Namitha detailed HosurOnline that "I am into Kollywood for several years. I started my career as a glam doll and was always trying to change that image. Still, even after these many years, people from Kollywood are calling to do item dance or item roles which I hate. So I have decided that I will be accepting offers only if I get charector role."


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