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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Can Endhiran The Robot compete with Avatar?

Superstar Rajnikanth Endhiran The Robot release is the most awaited in this year. Perhaps Endhiran movie is larger than life now as fans across the globe are desperate to see the movie. Endhiran director Shankar, who always aspires for perfect seems has not left any stone unturned for this movie in terms of technology and computer graphics, which were being carried by international technicians, who charge mega bucks.
And now comparisons evoke whether Endhiran can compete with Avatar? Remember, Avatar scripted history with its record collections and unprecedented fictitious characters. It’s only Avatar that the animatronics technology is used and the same technology is now being used in Rajnikanth Endhiran The Robot.
A Magnanimous amount has been spent on Endhiran special effects and animatronics. Before the shooting, Rajinikanth and Shankar spent couple of weeks in Los Angeles for Robot body.
Hollywood techies created a prototype of Robot body by scanning Rajinikanth’s body. And when people saw the promos of Endhiran, they were spellbound.
With post production works being almost done, everyone are now waiting for Endhiran release. The Endhiran movie release date is yet to be announced and Sun Pictures are working hard to release it, but there’s a strong buzz that Endhiran release date would be on November for Diwali. Endhiran is a high–budget extravaganza and Shankar is now trying to make Endhiran a first of its kind in Indian cinema whilst locking horns with Hollywood. Way to Shankar!


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