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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Telugu heroes reject milk actress

Cinemimi [Saturday, February 18, 2012]
Pal actress went to the Tollywood in the plan that she can sit in the minds of the ‘akkada’ fans, like she won the minds of Tamil fans. She danced for Duet songs with the actor and completed the photo shoot. But she was sent back. Reasons are not known. Pal has returned with her eyes full of tears. May be the telugu heroes taste the milk first and then use it.

If the Tamil cinema heroes give one hit film, they are in the habit of raising their salary, without worrying about the collection by the film. But the ‘Okkadu’ actor of Andhra did not at all, raise his salary, even after giving many hits last year. Our Tamil actors can copy this quality also like copying his acting.

Once upon a time, the grandson of the ‘Bigwig’ and the young Thalapathi were good friends. During the release of the film ‘Ayutham’, Thalapathi suffered due to non-availability of theaters. An agreement that the number of theaters can be divided among them but, the ‘Big-side’ grandson has refused it. So, the friendship has come down to a zero level now.

This ‘Thiruttu Hero’ (Thief- Actor) has gone to foreign country for shooting but looted and enjoyed with the ‘Chiththira- Actress’ The matter has reached the heroes wife and there came a cyclone in the family. The hero has worried due to the heat developed by the cool-meeting.
priyamaniThe ‘Muththazaku Actress ‘ (Pearl- Beauty) was happy about the chance she got to act in a film after a long time. As the hero of the film has melted in the beauty of another actress, the Muththazaku actress has lost that chance also. She sadly says “ they changed me in one night”


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