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Sunday, November 28, 2010

"My father have several wifes and Arun Vijay is no way my brother" shocks Vanitha

Sunday, 28 November 2010
Vanitha, daughter of Vijayakumar says that her father Vijayakumar tried to molest her in an drunken condition and revealed lot many family secrets to HosurOnline.
Here is the list of details that Vanitha claims as secret of her family and reveals to public through HosurOnline:

Hari, a director in Kollywood who has married Vanitha's younger sister Preetha is almost 18 years senior to Preetha. He begged and did lots of 'Thikidu Thaththam' to marry Preetha. He even made a fradulant Horoscope for this and when taken to a Astrologer, the astrologer predicted that the mad with that Horoscope might have died long ago. Hari is a cheat and a fraud. He did lot of naughty things for Vijayakumar to get married Preetha!
I am not daughter of Vijayakumar!!! Only my mother and Vijayakumar knows who my father is! I might have born to Vijayakumar's wife - but?
Who is this Arun Vijay? In what way he is connected to my family... If that secret is revealed then....
It has been proved in the court that Vijayakumar's daughter Kavitha is a charecterless woman and court granted divorce basing on the same. Now she is married to another guy and what kind of life is that item leading???
Who is this Manjula? What was she doing before marrying Vijayakumar?
If I start revealing details, then Kumudham's "Oru Nadigaiyin Kathai" should beg infront of it!!!

- threatened Vanitha!

Hosur Paiyan: Ooru Rendu Pattaa.. koooththaadikku Kondaattam... this is old... the latest is "Kooththadinga rendu patta path-thirikkai kaarangkaLukku kondaattam"


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