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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From today, in next 3 years I will announce a love marriage : Lakshmi Rai

Lakshmi_RaiCinemimi [Tuesday, February 07, 2012]
Actress Lakshmi Rai has announced that she will be doing a love marriage exactly in next 3 years.

HosurOnline was quick to find out why she has given her announcement about marriage! When HosurOnline asked her about it she said that "Many people sadly ask about my wedding plans. I have not yet met the right person. I am searching for the MAN whom I can fall in love"

If you are planninf to marry her, here are the few tips about this girl. Lakshmi Rai attained fame when police found her photo in an album with a brothel broker and hence she used to be called as ALBUM GIRL - Even Trisha commented about the same.

Lakshmi Rai used to be the girl fried for Prakash Raj, during all of his foriegn trips. Dhoni and his team men are well known for thier very Dynamic Friedship with this girl and cricket player Srikanth had a trouble with another player of his team due to the competition on this matter!!!


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