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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Aattanayagaan - Movie Review

Cinemimi[monday,decemper 20,2010]
Cast Shakthi, Ramya Nambeesan, Santhanam, Aadhityua, Meera Vasudev, Naasar, Jeeva
Direction Krishnaraam
Story Krishnaraam
Screenplay Krishnaraam
Dialouges Krishnaraam
Producer K. Muralidharan, Swaminathan, T. S. Rangarajan
Banner Lakshmi Movie Makers
Editing Harshar
Camera Vijay Milton
Music Srokanth Deva
Art Vithesh
Kollywood and commercialism always goes hand in hand. After getting noticed for his good performances in Thottal Poo Malarum and Magesh, Saranya, Matrum Palar – both total love stories – Shakthi thought it the right time to select a film with an exciting screenplay; hence he is back with Aattanayagaan; Ramya Nambeesan plays the female lead. Realizing that a feel-good film would create fireworks in the box-office, especially it is released on vacation month, director Krishnaraam and Shakthi have teamed up to present a commercial entertainer which is pleasant and entertaining. At a time when big budget flicks and multi-starrers rule the roost in Kollywood, filmmaker Krishnaraam has opted to go otherwise. Aattanayagaan from the prestigious Lakshmi Movie Makers banner is a full- fledged commercial entertainer.


As like any other mass masala, it begins in a village and ends up in city with bloodbath.

Shakthi has Santhanam giving him company and as usual the comedian comes up with rib-tickling one-liners. Ramya Nambeesan plays Shakthi's ladylove. Then there are host of baddies with whom Shakthi has to settle scores with.

The film is about Lingam (Shakthi), an Engineering graduate whose only aim is to work in the United States, the energetic Radhika (Ramya Nambeesan) who is very much concerned about her sister's (Meera Vasudev) marriage. Then there is Chandran (Aadhitya), Lingam's elder brother.


Lingam (Shakthi), an Engineering graduate, is the youngest son of the family and he does nothing but spending all his time with his friends. He is chided by his father (Nassar) for that. Lingam has only one aim in life, to work in United States! His elder brother Chandran (Aadhitya) owns a big software company in Hyderabad and Lingam is often compared to him by the family. Meanwhile Lingam also meets Radhika (Ramya Nambeesan) and after few initial encounters love blossoms between them. After a series of incidents, Chandran marries Radhika's elder sister Indira (Meera Vasudev). When Lingam and Radhika goes to Hyderabad to meet Chandra, they find out that his brother is not a software engineer but a local don! Lingam decides to change his brother but will the society and his enemies allow it? Watch out for Aattanayagaan!


The Character

Aattanayagaan has a perfect star cast, all the actors has performed well! Shakthi (director P. Vasu's son) has given out his career best performance. In the film he has tried his hands on comedy, romance, action and sentiments. The only thing he has to improve is emotions; the audiences sometime get a feel that he is trying hard to emote. Also in the song sequence his body language reminds us of Vijay, Rajni and many other top actors, which should be avoided. Malayalam actress Ramya Nambeesan has also given out a neat performance. However the modern avatar during the song sequences doesn't suit her. Santhanam and Lollu Sabha Jeeva provide the comedy factor and they succeed in that. Meera Vasudev has done her job well while Aadhitya stands out.

The story

Aattanayagaan is a complete family entertainer for people of all ages. In short, it is simple story made larger than life and told with a strong message of family values. Newcomer Krishnaraam has penned the story, screenplay and dialouges apart from direction. The film has a racy screenplay, realistic dialouges and an interesting story line. But in the second half there are too many heroic sequence and the item song is an unnecessary addition. Hardly the fact that the movie is directed by a debutant and there are no big stars in it would strike you, as you would be so glued to the film right from scene one. Aattanayagaan surely emerges as a surprise winner for this vacation.

The Techniques

Music by Srikant Deva is perfect while cameraman Vijay Milton has taken special efforts to show the movie stylishly. Infact he has used two different tones for the first and second half of the film. Editing by Harshar is good and sleek while stunt choreographer Sundar has done a neat job.


If you are ready to forget some loopholes which you rarely come across and game for a action-filled ride, Aattanayagaan (Man of the match) could be a wise choice to spend some quality time.

Reviewed by Ambili S.


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