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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Movie Review : 'Nanban'

Cinemimi [Saturday, January 21, 2012]
Director Shankar’s Nanban, starring Vijay, Jiiva, Srikanth, Sathyaraj, Sathyan, and Ileana has come as a fresh air in the arena that is filled with mindless clichés. The movie has a strong message to the society and it tells it in an enjoyable manner. Hats off Shankar and co for making this to happen in Tamil.

Vijay and Shankar have the guts to attempt a movie that doesn’t belong to their styles. Nanban puts forth a strong criticism on our education system and the approach of our parents towards their kids. It talks about the pressure and the importance of pursuing one’s own interest and dream in best possible manner.


Venkatramakrishnan (Srikanth) and Sevalkodi Senthil (Jiiva) are succesfull professionals in their chosen ways. They studied together in a college a decade ago. Now they want to meet their dear friend Panchavan Parivendan alias Pari (Vijay), who had effected a magical change in their lives.

Pari is a genius. He has unique ways of looking at things and different methods of working. He is not the one who goes behind books blindly. For him, studying is an enjoyable experience. He guides his friends who struggle to find their identity and the elusive success. He teaches them to pursue what their inner heart tells them and he motivates them to develop courage to make their dream reality.

Principal Virumandi Santhanam (Sathyaraj) is a hardcore believer of the system. He cannot tolerate mediocrity in any form. He is irritated by the unorthodox ways of Pari.

Principal’s daughter Riya (Ileana D'Cruz), quite impressed by Pari’s uniqueness, falls for him.

Gradually Pari wins the hearts of everyone and the principal gets furious. The conflict grows and the principal decides to teach Pari and his close friends a lesson. He catches Pari when he steals the question paper to help his friend. Principal shows him the doors a twist in the tale makes him rethink his decision.

Though Pari emerges as topper in the collage he vanishes all of a sudden as soon as the course gets completed. No one knows where he goes and what he is up to. His friends search for him for ten years. Finally they get a clue and they embark on a journey to find him.

Are they able to find him?

Shankar has chosen to remake this film that doesn’t suit his style. But he has done a marvelous job by recreating the magic of the original with all Tamil flavor. The movie is so interesting that you don’t feel that it runs for three hours. Shankar has executed the scenes well. The scenes depicting the changes in the lives of Jiiva and Srikath are moving. The child birth scene was outstanding in the original and Shankar has matched it perfectly. He has given attention to the minutest details to make the movie enjoyable. There are many scenes that brings tears in the eyes of the viewers.

Some scenes however, lack credibility. For example the scene when Ileana comes to Vijay’s room in a drunken state and Vijays visit to her home during night. These scenes are entertaining but they lack credibility. The reason behind Pari’s vanishing act is not at all convincing.

Vijay excels in a role that doesn’t give any scope for his brand of action, comedy, and romance. Finally Vijay has got a real different role and he handles it with amazing ease. Jiiva and Srikanth have rendered strong performance. The script has provided almost equal scope for everyone to perform and these two have utilized it well. Srikanth is outstanding in the scene where he meets his parents to tell about his dream and Jiiva is awesome in the interview scene.

Sathyaraj has given a powerful performance and Sathyan has provided comic relief.

Ileana D'Cruz, the fabulous beauty, adds colour to the fare. She also gets scope to perform and she proves her mettle with ease.

Manoj Paramahamsa's camera work is top class and Harris Jayaraj's music is trendy.

Overall, Nanban is a top class entertainer with a strong message.


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