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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chat with Oviya

Cinemimi[Sunday,16 October 2011]
Beauty Oviya is now donning the female lead role in Marina.

What is your role in Marina?

If you hear my role’s name, you will start laughing. My character’s name is Sopana Sundari. Hello. Don’t laugh. I will get wild. Call me sweetly as Sopana.

Your recenthappiness?
I had successfully completed B A English. The Kannada remake of the Tamil film Kazhavani has completed 100 days. There is a good response for me there as a heroine. This is my double happiness.
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My father Nelson is a businessman. My mother Jhansi is a house maker. I am the only daughter. Because of this all the property belongs to me.

What do you like?

Watching cricket in groups and listening to music alone.


All time favorite Pongal and Medhu Vadai.

The word you utter most?

I use to say idiot before and after Kazhavani I started using the word Porukki.

In real life, how is Oviya?

I am not emotional. I am not shy. I am a strong hearted girl.


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