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Monday, October 4, 2010

Must hear Fab-3. Mynaa, Aanmai Thavarel and Tha

Music in Tamil cinema was used to be dominated by a few – one or two - until some years ago. Till the dominance of Illayaraja was in the forefront there were not many new music directors. Then A R Rahman entered on the early nineties and it was his rule.

Now that the numbers of productions have many folded and it is inevitable for producers to look for new music talents. In the last one decade there were many young new music directors who broke on the scene and interestingly many of them were successful. Of late with almost 10-15 new films releasing every month there are still more new names tossed up.

A R Rehana, Aslam Musthafa, D. Imman, Devi Sri Prasad, Dheena, GV. Prakash, Joshua Sridhar, Ramesh Vinayagam, Thaman. S, Vijay Antony and there are many other notable names in the young brigade who promise a lot for the 2010s.
Of the promising lot three people whose music was released all in the last week have taken the music lovers by surprise with their excellent scores and the sheer variety they have shown in their songs.
Listen to 'Mynaa' songs on Raaga!
D. Imman with ‘Mynaa’, Mariya Manohar with ‘Aanmai Thavarel’ and Sri Vijay with ‘Tha’ have brought in new hope to film music. The most heartening thing in that they all have experimented in small films that grew up in stature after their music.
In ‘Mynaa’, D. Imman contradicts his popular image of kuthu songs specialist. Imman had spent a decade in Tamil film industry and delivered some reasonably hit numbers in films like Whistle, Thamizhan, Thiruvilayadal Aarambam and Naan Avanillai 2. Though these films helped him to cement his place in the industry that one film which will make people sit up and notice him seriously wasn’t forthcoming until ‘Mynaa’ happened.
With an intense film like Mynaa, D. Imman has come out with songs which stand out. The plot of the film is jungle journey and tribal love and that situation has given enough scope to experiment. The songs of Mynaa are filled a mood and relevant passion. D. Imman is sure


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