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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kajol Agarwal asks why one should write their personal matters in the social websites

Actors and actresses write about themselves in the social networks like Facebook and Twitter. When asked why she did not have account in social networks, she said,” I am using the net for only necessary things.

Actors and actresses have been writing about their personal matters in these websites. I am not interested in such things. What is going to happen if we write,” I am in Mumbai. I have applied nail polish. I am going to tattoo.

I have had my food.” I think why should I write about such personal matters. But at the same time I am not blaming others for writing such things. But the fans will lose their interest if the actors and actresses reveal their personal matters. Because of this I use the net for necessary things. The Telugu film Brindhavanam in which I have paired with Junior NTR is ready for release. I will also be acting in a Tamil film.”


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