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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Asin says “Please don’t blemish my friendship with Dhoni”

Indian Cricket Team Captain Dhoni shares a good relationship with almost all the actresses and was corned for gossips. From then onwards, he started to keep himself away from certain actresses including Lakshmi Rai. The rumors linking Dhoni with Asin has now made her sensitive. To make sure that she doesn’t lose her friendship from Dhoni, she has called for a clarification with reporters saying that such gossips will stir troubles among them.
‘I and Dhoni acted together in a commercial advertisement and became friends. We share good friendship and there is nothing more than’ says Asin.
The actress has also cleared that she never said that she left Tamil Cinema for the sake of Bollywood and will continue to act in any regional languages, if she gets a challenging role in any film.


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