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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Aug,22,2010 Cloud Nine Pictures' Naan Mahaan Alla released in theatres to a fantastic opening in Tamil Nadu. Karthi, with three hits to his name, is a household name in the state. So it was no surprise when NMA got such an opening in Chennai. What was interesting to note is the fact that there were a huge amount of Ajith fans to watch the movie. Yes, it was earlier announced that the trailer of Ajith's 50th movie Mankatha, also by Cloud Nine Pictures, will be released in all theatres which screen NMA. So there was a mad rush in city theatres to watch the movie... and of course to watch the trailer. It was evident that the audiences in the theatres were waiting with bated breath to catch a glimpse of their favorite star. Fans went berserk when they saw the trailer of Mankatha during the interval. And to the disappointment of many, Ajith uttered just one word in the trailer and it was not heard in the commotion.If Ajith's fans in the city were ecstatic after seeing the trailer, it was the opposite for those who were eager to watch the teaser in Mayajaal. Usually full on weekends, Mayajaal witnessed an unprecedented number of fans to watch movies today. But fans were disappointed when the much-awaited teaser was not shown. So it was a mixed day of emotions for Ajith's fans in the city today.


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