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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam

Movie Review: Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam

Banner: AGS Entertainment
Production: Kalpathy S Agoram
Direction: Chimbu Devan
Star-casts: Raghava Lawrence, Lakshmi Rai, Padmapriya, Sandhya, Sai Kumar, Nasser and others
Music: G.V. Prakash

Pre-release Highlighting factors:
Kids, family can have a better time for this summer. The producers had come up with these lines to promote their film. The film had its shooting done before a long time and producers kept on delaying the release till this summer. The trailers and continuous promos in all television channels had resulted in houseful show for the first day itself.What is story all aboutNothing new for those who have already watched cowboy films, but with a different treatment as treasure hunt has been added as a central theme. Set in imaginary period of no prescribed year, the film is about Singamuthu (Lawrence) ready for hanged to death as he lost a precious diamond. Surprises take on, when a group of officials from Jaishankarapuram notice Singamuthu possessing similar looks of their vanished leader Singam. Being saved from death, he is taken to their land that is ruled by one-eyed Kelaku Kattai (Nasser). He is now looking out for a treasure that is hidden somewhere in never-never land. Even the people in Jaishankarapuram are on the search of this. When they are all starting their journey, the tribal group living between the camps of JS Puram and Irumbu Kottai has something so helpful.
Can Singam redeem his people who have a strong faith in them or not? Watch the rest on screens.
The story is good and so is the screenplay. Every time, the director wants the audiences to laugh, he makes sure that they are into the right feel. That is the successful feature of a filmmaker. To give a brief idea about what a cowboy is, there is an introduction to all different cowboy stories in the beginning. The first half is filled with lot of characters introduced and straight from second half, it is about the treasure hunt that involves lots of good twists and turn.
Technical Department:
This team has provided lot of support for the successful output. Making a period film based on cowboy is not an easy job. More than everybody, art director is making good show with his sets. G.V. Prakash is not good, not bad in music. Songs are average and background music is good. Camera is more than expected. Stunts by Raghava Lawrence is appreciable.
Raghava Lawrence has finally done a good job getting away from stereotyped acting. He is good at dancing and there is no wonder about it. Likewise, his emotional outcomes are also best at places. But the actresses remain away from spotlight. They appear in songs and disappear immediately. The supporting characters including Manorama, Sams, Ilavarasu, and Mouli have done justice to their roles. Nasser and Sai Kumar as the hilarious villains are equally powerful as the lead actor.
Final Take:
For this summer, the film will be a good entertainment. Don’t look for more logics and you will certainly enjoy it along with your family members.


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