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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hansika n her mother gets mobbed and pinched

Aug,18 2010Hansika Motwani is a die hard fan of bollywood star Aamir Khan and so desired to watch his latest release PEEPLI LIVE on the silver screen. For this reason, the actress went to Inox Multiplex, on August 15th, 2010(Independence Day) along with her mother.But to her misfortune, she did not inform the management about her arrival in prior and so there was no security arrangement at the theater for her. As a result of it many youngsters, which includes males and females mobbed the duo and pestered Hansika for her autograph. Till here, it is fine to hear. But the bitter part is that the actress mother had a horrible time facing the mob. It is reported that the Hansika’s mother was pinched on her back by a female and was also made to hear the cat calls and vulgar comments on her daughter, by the youngsters.
It is reported that Hansika’s mother was fumed with the behavior of fans at one stage, but hansika pacified her, by saying that, it was all a part and parcel of the stardom. Although, Hansika did not mention about this incident on twitter, she shared this incident, with her friends on another social micro blogging website, in which she has a secret account, with her childhood pet name.

Hansika also commented that, she was surprised with the behavior of some high profile youngsters, who were acting very cheaply, when they sighted her.


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