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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kamal's idea was so compelling that I couldn't resist: Barrie M Osborne

kamal-haasanCinemimi [Tuesday, June 12, 2012]
“I’m happy to officially announce this collaboration, as it’s an important moment in my career”, started off Kamal Haasan, revealing that he is joining hands with the Oscar winning Hollywood producer Barrie M Osborne. The producer while talking about Kamal said, “It’s such an honour to know him, because his knowledge on history, literature and film is encyclopedic.” On what brought them together, he said, “I was privileged to have been invited to watch Vishwaroopam and I was so impressed to see what he had accomplished. So we just started talking about the possibility of working together, and he came up with a brilliant idea, which I felt so compelling that I couldn’t resist.”

About Osborne, Kamal said, “He is a champion and has worked with all the heroes I have always looked upon. I’m honoured he liked one of my ideas.” About the film the actor said, “It’s an idea, which means we are still on the page, we can’t let you read it. It’s an idea which is international. It is not going to be Mahabharata or Ramayana; it will be about the whole world and will be much deeper.” Adding to the plot Osborn said, “It is a universal project that will deal about who we are in this world.”

The film will be a Hollywood project. Kamal Haasan has confirmed that he will be acting in the film. He will also be writing the script for the film, and will be joining another Hollywood writer, if necessary. Though Osborne wants Kamal to direct the film, the actor hasn’t decided on it.


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