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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Itsy-bitsy: Anxious moments

Cinemimi [Saturday, February 25, 2012]
he most memorable part of the film was reeling off a three-page dialogue after a cat fight with my partner - a Keralite - Aparna Nair in the movie. Not only Just not in the film, Aparna is actually a Malayali. The film that is metro in nature is directed by Dr. Kiran,” says Ajay Reddy a debutant. The actor from Anantapur is based in Bangalore and has in fact done his first film in Tamil titled Kalavaram with Satyaraj. Ajay's father was into movie production and that is how Ajay landed in movies. The actor avers it feels good to work in Telugu movie and is anxiously waiting for its release. The songs are yet to be shot though.

Love FailureSeventh SenseYeto VYellipoyindi Manasu Seventh Sense

Bad is good

Ajaz Khan idolises Sylvester Stallone, not only for the way he has maintained his body all these years, but his philosophy as well. The onscreen baddie's first film was Rakta Charitra in which he played Bottu Seenu. He says, “Mahesh Babu and Sreenu Vytla saw my work and offered me Dhookudu. Then V.V. Vinayak saw me in Dhookudu and offered me his latest film with Ramcharan Tej. Currently I'm working in Anucharudu that has Srikant and Tarun playing lead roles, am doing well in Hindi movies as well and recently wrapped up Lakeer Ka Phakeer. I just signed Ya Rab with Flora.” Has Ajaz given up television? “Yes, I'm not doing television anymore, I'm concentrating on movies and I quite enjoy playing the villain. People love watching the heroes beat the strong villains and we have to work out for that. I spend two hours every day on fitness and I do maintain my six packs.”

He has arrived

When Isha Chawla asks Dev Gill to bring her a dragon fly as a show of machismo and valour, he embarks on a journey with his rifle, shoots it but when it vanishes he brings a rabbit instead and asks her to cook and eat it much to her dismay.

Dev Gill as Konda Reddy has arrived; he portrays a perfect blend of seriousness and humour in Poolarangadu." That proposing scene is my favourite when Sunil tells me that glamour is not important it is the show of strength that matters." Everyone, from a three year old kid to a 90-year old can enjoy it, there is action and fun and when you walk out people will not forget Konda Reddy."

Dev is waiting for Rachha and his Hindi movie next and hoping that he gets a lot of anti-hero movies.

Language issues

Chandigarh girl Sara Sharma justifies the reason for changing her name. “I'm Monisha Sharma, but people insist on calling me ‘Manisha', so I decided to change it for good. When I entered the industry I made Sara an official name. It is Sera in English, Sara in Hindi and I'm aware that Sara in Telugu means country liquor...but I prefer to be addressed as Sara.” The actor makes her debut in a Nikhil-starrer Disco but before that she has done a whole lot of commercials and short films. “I completed an acting course in Mumbai and met Abhinav Reddy, my producer and we did this movie. Earlier too both of us produced a Bhojpuri film, Hamar love story in Bhojpuri.”

...Hamar hamara

Moving ahead

Watch out for Dhanya Balakrishna from Bangalore who'll soon be seen playing the lead role in a movie by Dr. Kiran . She caught everyone's attention in Love Failure, she has also played Shruti Hassan's friend who gets killed in Seventh Sense, and a small role in Yeto VYellipoyindi Manasu by Gautham Menon. It has been quite a transformation from the first film, isn't it? “Yes, I did some grooming, straightened my hair. For Seventh Sense I just went and stood before the camera.” Standing tall with a good voice, the articulate Dhanya has an MA in Mass Communications and was part of the Evam theatre group before getting into movies. She says, “My family was upset with my decision initially but they are dealing with it quite well. They realised I'm doing good work and they didn't stop me. I'm with the right people though I'm getting small important roles directed by big names.”


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