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Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Fiesta

Cinemimi[Friday, January 06, 2012]

It's calm between storms, so to speak. Only last week, the Kollywood box-office witnessed a dozen releases. And next week, two big films- 'Vettai' and 'Nanban'- are hitting the screens thanks to Pongal.

So there is an unusual silence in cinema halls this Friday, which, in other words, is dry day for movie buffs. Meanwhile, films like 'Mounaguru', 'Rajapattai', 'Osthi', 'Mayakkam Enna' and 'Poraali' are still running in a decent number of screens in Tamil Nadu, providing some relief to film fans.

As far as next week's flicks are concerned, attempts are on by respective producers and distributors to ensure that both the films ('Nanban' and 'Vettai') get released in as many as theatres as possible.


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