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Thursday, November 3, 2011

South Indians annoyed with 'Ra.One'?

Shahrukh KhanCinemimi [Friday, November 04, 2011]
The latest buzz in networking sites is quite visibly the annoyance among Tamilians who have eagerly watched 'Ra.One' and seem to be upset with the character played by Shahrukh Khan as Shekar Subramaniam.

While his 'Aiyo...' and 'Ayyayo' dialogues in the movie every now and then is quite forgivable, the way he mixes up curd with noodles and how he doesn't fit in with a poor Hindi diction has irked a few down south.

In a move to establish a connect with Tamilians and Telugus down south, where the movie released in Tamil and Telugu versions along with the Hindi one, the writer seems to have gone overboard while penning SRK's dialogues as a geeky game developer, a Tam-brahm (with a bad Tamil accent!).

However the movie with its visually extravagant VFX works, stunning sequences, and King Khan as G.One has opened up to mixed reviews, with die-hard SRK fans having loved it while a few complain about the age old script.
RaOne Rajini  SRK
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