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Sunday, October 23, 2011

All credit goes to Murugadoss: Shruti Haasan

Cinemimi[Sunday, October 23, 2011]
Shruti Haasan is the warmest, most perceptive, sensible girl that you could ever meet. She doesn’t have the snootiness you generally associate with star kids. She is very real. And this Diwali is going to be memorable for the actress, as her debut film in Tamil 7 Aum Arivu is releasing worldwide. It is the most talked about, hugely anticipated film of the year and the petite actress is all excited and nervous. In this exclusive chat, Shruthi opens up

What’s your role in the film?
I play Subha Srinivasan, a scientist from IIT. It’s a meaty role and I thank Murgadoss for his faith in me, in giving me such a fantastic role. She’s the link between the 6 th century and the modern part of the story.

7 aum Arivu- A sify special

What was your reaction when you were signed on?
When I first got the call from Murgadoss office, I didn’t believe it was true at all! It was only later that I was convinced it was really from him! The kind of positive energy I have experienced while working with Murgadoss, made me give my best and go that extra mile. I was truly hapy when he told me ‘you’re the one for this role’; it meant a lot to me.

How was it working with Suriya?
You know, earlier I only knew him as a star and someone I admired. But after working with him my admiration has only increased, since I now also know him as a person. I was naturally anxious the first few days about everything, but he sat me down and spoke to me and broke the ice. That was a huge help. One thing I observed was that he hardly talks and I go on chatting nonstop! (Laughs)

How was it singing in the film?
I am happy that I have sung for Harris before and working again with him now. It’s kind of a good feeling that people can now put a face to my voice with this film!

What were the challenges of working in this film for you?
Well, apart from acting with such a hugely talented cast and crew around you each day, I would say, it was the six page dialogues spouting pure Tamil, with so many medical and scientific terms that were hugely challenging! But I have my director to thank for seeing me through. All credit goes to him!
Shruti Haasan hot pic
Shruti Haasan hot
Shruti Haasan
Shruti Haasan image
Shruti Haasan hot picture


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