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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Abhishek not afraid of the cricket ‘game’

AbhishekCinemimi[Thursday, March 10, 2011]

With many bollywood makers shifting their release and avoiding any clash with the Tendulkar Sehwag mania which is gripping the country day by day. Our dear Abhishek Bachchan is not at all worried.

The talented actor believes that nothing can stop a quality product to get it dues, he says, “I really believe that it's something we've just made up for ourselves. If you make a quality product, no matter what period of the year it is. People will watch it and we have hundreds of examples to prove that."

Abhishek has two of his much awaited releasing in April.

April 1 will see murder mystery 'Game' hitting the marquee and then April 22 is the turn of thriller 'Dum Maaro Dum'.

Says Abhi, “I think its completely to do with the fact that whether we can excite the audience enough. We are blessed that our audiences are so passionate about films. Its almost a part of their daily life where it is very hard to resist going and watching a film."

Not at all worried with the cricket mania, Abhishek believes that there is an audience for movies, he says, “We have more than a billion people in this country. Not everyone is going to watch cricket. Even if half of them watch cricket the other half will watch the movie."

Needless to add, the actor is thrilled about his forthcoming ‘Game’ and says, “ 'Game is a film that i'm very excited about because it's my first film with two very dear friends of mine (Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidwani). We've been waiting very long for the right script to come, I've really enjoyed making this film. It's a genre that I really enjoy. It's a whodunit murder mystery and I always wanted to do such a film and we have shot at some really nice places."

Well we all hope that Abhishek’s ‘Game’ on screen does wonders for him as well and going by the promos, we can say that it appears to be an edge of the seat thriller.

All the best, Abhi!


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