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Monday, February 7, 2011

Tamil film that impresses the Slumdog Millionaire author

Cinemimi[Monday, February 07, 2011]
In the ongoing 2nd International Film Festival that is being held in Nagpur, Mudhal Mudhal Mudhal Varai (M3V) directed by Krishnan Seshadri Gomatam was showcased under the ‘World Cinema’ category.

The guests of honor were Krishnan Seshadri Gomatam and actor Anuja Iyer who walked the red carpet. Mr Sameer Naphade, director of th IFF Nagpur welcomed the duo on to the dais along with Rekhs, the official coordinator of IFFN to address the media about the film.

During the interactive session, to a poser on what made the film win several international awards, director Krishnan Seshadri Gomatam said, “My film, deviated from normal cinematic code in form, structure, content and grammar. This appealed immensely to the international audience. The film structure was loosely inspired by the game of chess. All the moves fall into place, at the climax point, like the game.”

Gomatam also added that Vikas Swarup, writer of Slumdog Millionaire, was fascinated by the structure of M3V. He further states, “Hollywood follows a structure where they move from point A to point B, almost in a straight line. European films have their own structure. I thought our Indian films should have their own structure, not defined by Hollywood or European.”

The film finished with a standing ovation and applause which was followed by an interactive session between the audience and the film maker.

The evening ended with a thank you note from Anuja Iyer.


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