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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ananya annoys Seedan director

Cinemimi[Saturday, February 26, 2011]
Director Subramaniam Siva has alleged that Ananya did not cooperate well during the making of Seedan. He has said that the actress did not adhere to his instructions regarding make up and facial expressions thereby annoying him on the sets.

The director had wanted Ananya to tone down her make-up as she plays a servant maid in the film and also look gloomy to a certain extent to fit into the role. However, the lady arrived on the sets with full make-up on and refused to change her facial expressions which resulted in a lot of argument between both.

With the film hitting the screens yesterday and being well-received by the audiences, Ananya seems to have understood the director’s judgment and is said to have apologized for her behavior.


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