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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ajay jokes on Saifeena’s marriage

AjayCinemimi[Sunday, January 30, 2011]
Oops! It’s more controversial these days in Koffee with Karan shows and Karan Johar may become the reason for inevitable wars amongst B-town stars in future. When celebrities are there to shoot the breeze with K Jo in his TV show, they’re sure to hit headlines more for ‘controversial factors’. It is relentlessly occurring in every episode of his show and the recent one isn’t an elision.

Across the rapid fire round, K Jo requested Ajay Devgn to render advice to Saif-Kareena on their marriage only to hear a shocking statement of 3 words – ‘Please Don’t Marry’. Karan could sense his heart skipped a beat but couldn’t go further asking for reasons. Well, after all, it’s ‘Rapid Fire Round’ and K Jo had to go by the rules.

The closer sources mentioned that it was just for fun and nothing serious to ponder upon.


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