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Saturday, December 4, 2010

There may be 'Ratha Charithiram-2

[Saturday, December 04, 2010]
Ratha Charitiram' has released and this dramatic tale has seen good critical response coming it's way. This also brings to an end a year long journey for Ram Gopal Varma for whom it was a big logistical challenge to make the film.

Though in Tamil we had one version, the two parts film was a trilingual that was shot in Hindi, Telugu as well as Tamil. It was presented as a two part film in Hindi and Telugu so that Ramu could justify his key protagonists.

"When you make a biopic, there are lot of things happening in a man's life", he explains, "In the first part, I wanted to set context and give a foundation to why Vivek's character had to become the way it turned out to be eventually. All his issues and conflicts were settled there."

"Now in the second part, it is about Suriya coming in who has his own issues and conflicts to settle. It could well be a vicious circle but I have tried to wrap it up all in two parts", says Ramu.

Well, it could well be a vicious circle, considering the way 'Ratha Charithiram' has wrapped up. After all the last shot of 'Ratha Charithiram' show an infant on his mother's lap. With all the killings happening around him for decades in succession, it is clear by the time end credits start rolling that there would perhaps never be an end to it.

It may not be surprising if there is Part 2 of 'Ratha Charithiram' on the anvil as well. Can we expect one, Ramu? And Suriya also?


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