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Monday, December 27, 2010

Tamil Cinema 2010: The defining year of the decade

Cinemimi[Monday, December 27, 2010].
The year 2010 is by far the most defining year of the first decade of the new millennium in Tamil cinema. Apart from the customary stars and their affiliates, the technicians and their connects which were believed to be running the industry, many new tangible and intangible entities surfaced to decide the future of Tamil cinema. Super Stars emerged from behind the screens, on screen monsters were made to eat humble pie. With unusual accuracy and occasions moderated hits and misses were prevalent.

Around 145 straight Tamil films and a sizeable 50 dubbed movies were released in 2010. The year is arguably the most productive year ever in history for small budget film makers. Of the 145 straight Tamil films, over 60 percent were small budget films from first timers.

Hits of the year were in all genres and debutants hogged the lime lights as much as super stars. While big heroes were struggling to retain their status, talented new comers are in the making to get their positions.

In short the year 2010 has set the trend for the coming years to follow with diligence. If they don’t there are factors that will make them to.

Now, follow the Cinemimi take on the year just gone by


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