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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Siddu plus 2 is important:Shanthnoo

[Wednesday, December 08, 2010]
He is just one film old with Sakarakatti releasing over a year ago. After that Shanthnoo has been pretty much lying low. But looks like a lot has been happening in the meantime as he bounces back with his next film Siddu Plus Two first attempt directed by his father Bhagyaraj himself. In a chat with the actor we find out more about the experience and the film that's releasing tomorrow (Dec 10)

So what's Sidhu Plus 2 all about?
Its about a plus two student like the title suggests. He is attempting his exams again. And he is a bubby and cool guy who knows hes no good at studies and enters the exam hall knowing very well that he will not pass. How he decides to enjoy life for a few days and commit suicide later is the story. What happens when the heroine enters his life forms the rest of the story.

Who is your heroine?
She is Chandni, a Chennai girl. She debuts in the film and despite that she has done a great job and even dubbed for herself. It's good to have a Tamil speaking heroine doing that for a change!

How important is the film for you?
Yes, this film is important. Though Sakarakatti was a good film and everyone had great expectations from the team with AR Rahman in it and a good director like Prabhu etc, I would say, that Sidhu Plus 2 is my intro as an all round hero into the industry. That's because its in this film that I fight, dance, emote, do comedy and romance. So all my skills are seen as a hero.

How was it working with your father?
Dad usually scolds me when he doesn't find things going right. But the biggest reward was when he rang up and told me that the results were very good as he watched at edit. When he appreciated me I was thrilled. Of course we would have our arguments on the sets too but the results have come out good in the end!

Is there a Bhagyaraj touch to the film?
He has consciously tried not to mould me in his style but there are traces of him in me here and there. Dad's films have a unique sense of humour which is here too but it has been played down since he didn't want me to become set in his image. It's an all out commercial film with today's trends and style.

Is there a comedy track?
Yes in the second half Ganja Karuppu does the comedy.

Who are the other characters?
Vishnudeva a former assistant to Prabhu Deva debuts and there is Anirudh from Malayalam cinema and Rajesh, Sita, Avinash and Pragathi in important roles.

Why has it got a U/A?
Well, its because of a pub scene actually. Its in a typical Bhagyaraj comedy style and it was needed for the film at that point. But its not vulgar. The film is everything the youth and families will love. Its got comedy, sentiment and emotions in a commercial format. The dances and songs have come out very well and Poove Poove is already a hit.


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