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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Asin ‘pocketing’ limelight in Bollywood

[Thursday, December 09, 2010]
If this titbit is true, then Asin is just trying to be happy with whatever comes her way…..

Earlier the actress had set out on Bollywood journey with a determination that she will share the screen only with exclusive stars like the top Khans and Hrithik Roshan. Moreover, she had even rejected film offers which had current young screen heartthrobs Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan….

However of late, the industry is abuzz that Asin has allegedly signed a movie, starring Neil Nitin Mukesh. Titled ‘Pocketmaar’, the film will be helmed by Ravi Chopra.

Grapevines reveal that something is brewing between the two actors and both seems to be feeling quite comfortable in each others company.

Some also say that ‘Pocketmaar’ was initially offered to several leading actresses, but due to certain issues they rejected the film and it landed in Asin’s court.

Well, now one can expect clarification reports tumbling from the concerned parties…. But till then one can be assured that Asin is here to stay in gossip columns for sure…


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