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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Remya Nambeesan: 'Ilaignan' Was A Learning Experience

[Thursday, December 09, 2010]
Though Remya Nambeesan essentially hails from the Malayalam film industry, the actress has made quite a name for herself through her brief stint in Kollywood.

And her upcoming Tamil release 'Ilaignan' may provide her the perfect platform to prove herself as an actress. In a statement to the media, Remya Nambeesan says that the period film penned by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi, has been a learning experience for the actress.

'Ilaignan' not only provided Remya Nambeesan with the opportunity to work with a director of the status of Suresh Krissna, it also gave her a better understanding of the Tamil language. When asked whether it was not difficult for the actress to mouth dialogues written by Karunanidhi, who is well known for his proficiency with the native language, Remya Nambeesan says that she did face difficulties initially but the supporting cast and crew of 'Ilaignan' helped her to overcome her fear of Karunanidhi's Tamil script. Special mention should be given to the assistant directors on the sets of her latest Tamil film and also her co-star Pa Vijay who constantly helped her to learn the difficult Tamil dialogues.

Therefore, it can safely be said that Remya Nambeesan has not only emerged a better actress after her work on 'Ilaignan', she has also come out of the sets with a better knowledge of the Tamil language, which the actor hopes will help her in her future projects in Kollywood.


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