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Friday, December 3, 2010

Nandalala Review

[Thursday, December 02, 2010]
What a film and what a director! Mysskin has taken Tamil cinema to dazzling heights with Nandhalala, a movie that can be compared with any internationally acclaimed or award winning film.

Proving himself a pundit with the language of cinema, Mysskin also leaves his stamp as an actor, by playing a mentally-challenged person. The movie may have shades of Kikujiro. But this one allegation just can’t stop Nandhalala from winning appreciations and accolades.

Baskar Mani (Mysskin), a differently abled youngster, leaves an asylum to meet his mother who abandoned him long back. In his journey, he meets Aggi (Ashwath Ram), a school boy who too is in search of his mother.

As the two pass through places, they meet different people and a sex worker (Snigdha) is one among them. They undergo myriad experiences and were they able to see their respective mothers is the climax.

Mysskin comes out with a riveting performance. He is just apt to the role. The young boy Ashwath Ram shows his skills like a seasoned actor. Snigdha springs a pleasant shock with a surprising character.

Illayaraja’s music is the life of Nandhalala. The maestro brings the movie very close to the viewer’s heart with his magic. Mahesh Muthuswamy’s cinematography is a big asset. His lens had captured each and every scene well.

Producers Ayngaran International walks away with honours for coming forward to produce such a film. Equally laudable is Mysskin for making a daring attempt. Bit slow in places, Nandhalala is a real film that speaks a lot about reality.


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