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Friday, December 3, 2010

Kanimozhi Review

[Thursday, December 02, 2010]
Kanimozhi is no doubt a relief from regular films which are clichéd and commercialized. But at the same time, the movie hardly has any entertainment value, thereby giving uneasiness to the audience while watching it.

The film, directed by debutant Sripathy Rangasamy and produced by T Siva of Amma Creations and Sona Heyden, tries to strike a fine balance between dream and reality. And it succeeds in the attempt to an extent, so to say.

Rajesh (Jai) is the apple of the eye of his mother and friends. As you would expect, he falls in love with a beautiful girl (Shazahn Padamsee) but fears to express his heart to her. And he has the habit of writing everything in a dairy.

In the meantime, another youngster (Vijay Vasanth) too falls for the same girl. But he has the guts to propose his love to her. Who manages to hold the hands of their sweet heart is the climax, which comes with a twist.

Jai tries to shine in a wafer-thin script. Shazhan Padamsee is a welcome addition to the list of heroines from the north. Vijay Vasanth emotes well and proves himself once again. Other actors too fit well to their respective roles.

Sathish Chakravarthy’s music is good but songs come as speed breakers. Watch out for a cameo by Subramaniapuram fame Swathy. A very good knot, but an uninspiring treatment takes away all the sheen.


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