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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Madonna`s Daughter Lourdes Leon Wishes To Change Her Hair Color To Blue

Cinemimi[Sunday, December 19, 2010]
Madonna`s oldest daughter Lourdes Leon, also known as Lola has revealed that she wants to change her hair color to blue but her star mother is not quite impressed with the idea.

Lourdes, 14 admitted that she wants to change her raven locks to blue.

"I don`t know if any of you saw my hair yet but its mad dark right at the moment. I`m almost sick of it and now I want royal blue hair but not a streak, like my entire head. I`m sure if I get that hair color I`ll be sick of it after about two weeks,” Lourdes wrote on her blog.

"I read this blog aloud to my mother and she is sitting here staring at me with no expression on her face, as if she doesn`t approve of it! So now you all know what I have had to put up with for the past 14 years of my life :D. (sic),” she added.

Well, this is not the first time that this mom-daughter duo had a clash over their opinions.

"I think we complement each other but we do disagree on a few things. I wouldn`t have worn this flannel shirt thing but she looks good in it so what are you going to do. I`m a very proud mum tonight,” said Madonna.

Lourdes added: "Yes there were definitely clashes but you know it all worked out in the end."


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