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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

‘MA’ Audio Launch in HD FULL VERSION

Cinemimi[Wednesday, December 29, 2010]

Cinemimi is proud to present its viewers, the high profile audio launce of .Manmadhan Ambu’ that happened in Singapore and Malaysia in November.

This is an IG exclusice where the readers get to see the full and complete verion of the events held at The MAX Pavilion in Singapore and also on board of the luxury Star Cruiser in the waters of Malaysia.

The video is over five hours long and features all the fun and glamour that surrounded the mega launch and has interesting dialogues and songs rendered by Kamal, Trisha and others.

See how Madhavan is moved and breaks down watching Kamal sing the chart buster ‘Neelavaanam’. Enjoy Kamal and Trisha recites poetry that raised enough curiosity.


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