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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Great escape for Sameera

Sameera reddy vaaranamaayiramCinemimi [Wednesday, December 22, 2010]
Sameera Reddy, who for the first time visited Patna last weekend, perhaps had one of the worst experiences of her life when she was almost caught in the mob fury that broke out during a show on Sunday.

If sources are to be believed, close to two lakh people had reportedly gathered at the Gandhi Maidan, the venue of the event. The actress and her troupe were waiting backstage when she came to know of commotion in the crowd.

Says Sameera, who has just come out of the shock, “We were unable to understand what went wrong all of a sudden. They were on a complete rampage- breaking chairs, pelting stones and setting the barricades on fire.”

The organisers told Sameera to leave the premises immediately. She was put in one of the managing committee’s small cars and was rushed out of the venue with a veil to keep her identity secret. The actress was so scared that she did not sleep that night.


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