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Friday, December 3, 2010

Chikku Bhukku Movie Review

[Thursday, December 02, 2010]
Banner: Media One Global Entertainment, Majestic Multimedia Ltd
Production: Sunandha Murali Manohar
Direction: Manikandan
Star-casts: Arya, Shriya Charan, Preethika, Santhanam, Anup Kumar and others
Music: Hariharan-Leslie
Background: Praveen Mani
Cinematography: R.B. Gurudev
Editing: V.T. Vijayan
Costumes: V. Sai, Deepali Noor
Art: Milan

Late Director Jeeva was often influenced by Hindi style movies and implemented the pattern in Kollywood. His assistants weren’t an exception as they too continued making similar movies and now director Manikandan joins the bandwagon. The filmmaker makes his debut with ‘Chikku Bhukku’, the so-called romantic travelogue. The time frame set in two different time periods. It was the same way as in Bollywood movie ‘Love Aaj Kal’, in which the love of two different generations was shown with a deep impact.

But unlike that one, ‘Chikku Bhukku’ lacks every element that is necessary for a romantic movie. Both the love stories of two different ages don’t seem to have the intensity. Especially the flashback sequence is not convincing at all.

The film opens in 1985 where Sekar (Arya) writing a diary about his memories of love. In 2010, Arjun (again played by Arya) is found enjoying his time in London as a successful DJ. He leaves to Tamil Nadu for settling the disputes of his ancestral property. From the same place Anu (Shriya Charan) too starts her flight as her father is not well in Madurai. Both of them happens to travel together from Bangalore as the flight they were supposed to reach them in Madurai has been cancelled. As the journey begins, Arjun goes through the diary written by his father Sekar. The love story at two different eras and generations are shown with a small twist in climax.

Arya has improved in his own terms of dancing and performance. Shriya Charan looks stylish in her looks and has done some good job. Arya as Sekar is fit for the police role, but emotes less to the situations. Preethika is too glamorous. Santhanam’s comedy tracks are enjoyable.

Manikandan attempts for something new and fresh different from routine love stories, but the screenplay is weak in places.

Hariharan and Leslie’s musical score is excellent. The songs are nice and soothing. Cinematograph is splendid and the locations are visual treat.

If the screenplay was crafted yet more interesting, the film would have been yet more finer.


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