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Friday, December 3, 2010

Arya apologizes to Tamil Cinema who made him a successful hero

[Thursday, December 02, 2010]
Arya in a statement said,” I first and foremost extend my greetings and wishes to Tamil cinema members and Tamil fans. In the recent times there were some news in the media that I have spoken ill of Tami cinema.

All of you might have read it. It was you who encouraged me in my debut film Ullam Ketkume and made me an actor in the film Nan Kadavul. It was you who gave me the status of a hero in Madrasapattinam and Boss Engira Bhaskaran.

IF that is the case, do you think that I would have spoken bad about Tamil cinema. Because of you and the status you gave me made me great and was invited to all the forums including this controversial Dubai festival.

I even would not dream about talking bad about Tamil cinema which gave me life and fame. If at all had I hurt the feelings of anyone, I hereby tender my heartfelt apologies. At this juncture I would like to thank Radha Ravi, Sarath Kumar and Vagai Chandrasekaran for their support in this issue. Finally I also thank Mr Ramanarayanan, President of the Tamil Film Producers Council for intervening in this matter and settling it amicably.”


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