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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Arun Vijay in US

[Saturday, December 04, 2010]
In the on going tussle in the Vijayakumar family, Arun Vijay claims complete innocence and would answer all questions convincingly when he returns from the US. Arun Vijay is in the US to attend the Shashtipurthi of a close relative with his entire family

Arun Vijay has denied all the allegations made by his sister. He says his US trip was planned much ahead of this pandemonium and he left India to US on November 22.

So he affirms that whatever said by Vanitha as he did isn’t true. Also one reason for his US trip was to participate in a sky diving competition which was also planned long back.

Arun Vijay categorically says he hasn’t run away from the scene and as a law abiding honest citizen he will come out clean.


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