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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Actor Vijayakumar comes to sub urban Police Commissioner Office

[Thursday, December 02, 2010]There is a feud between actor Vijayakumar and his daughter Vanitha. Based on the complaint given by Vijayakumar, his daughter Vanitha’s husband Anand Raj has been arrested and remanded in the prison.

Later on he was released on bail. Vanitha had already given a complaint to the police about her father Vijayakumar and her brother Arun Vijay. Since the police did not give importance to that compliant, she has once preferred a complaint against them.

In that complaint she has mentioned that Arun Vijay has phoned and threatened to kill her. Following this 4 cases including murder charges has been framed against Arun Vijay.

It is expected that Arun Vijay would be arrested. There is news that Arun Vijay is in America while some say he his holed in Hyderabad. Since Vanitha has complained to the police and also has mentioned that she will reveal the family secrets, Vijayakumar has left Chennai and is reported to be staying in Hyderabad. It was not known that when he would be coming to Chennai.

At this point of time, Vijayakumar all of a sudden came to the sub urban Police Commissioner office at Alandur this afternoon. But sub urban Commissioner Jangid was not at the office when Vijayakumar arrived. Then he went to Central Crime Branch office and told them that he would meet them after giving explanation to the Commissioner, he would them. He was in the office for about five minutes.


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