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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sneha hip was pinched again

[Monday, November 29, 2010]
After a very long time, Sneha's hip was pinched by a young man and he was left out with simple warning!
Sneha is busy not only in Kollywood but also in other business, one of which is attending 'Shop Opening' functions.

She takes lot of money for such occassions. Men here are ready to pay what ever she demands, so that her 'Por Paatham' will touch their soil!

She was recently in Erode for a shop opening function. After the function was over, the owner of the shop took her to his farm house and was detailing her about Emu birds. Lot of people gathered to have a live look at her and there were few young men too!

One of the chap in the crowd managed to pinch Sneha's hip. When he touched her hip again she turned at him and warned "Anna you are continously scratching at me for no use!!! Please keep away - else you will feel humiliated"

The man escaped from the scene and was said to not washing his Golden Hand that touched Sneha's hip!!!


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