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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rajnikanth meditates in Babaji Caves in Himalayas

Rajnikanth has the habit of going on a pilgrimage for a month’s time in Himalayas after completing each film. After the release of the film Endhiran he left for Himalayas. His friends Venkat and Hari accompanied him.

Three of them went to various places in Himalayas. Rajni looked very simple with shirt and dhoti. Rajni became rejuvenated by breathing fresh air and by bathing in herbal waterfalls. He went to Babaji Caves and meditated there. He will be staying there for a month’s time. He will meet the hermits and sages there and seek their blessings.

Rajnikanth while explaining about this trip, said,” After completing my film, I have the habit of going to Himalayas. Then after coming to Chennai, I will go abroad for two months. I don’t go to foreign countries to see the places. I want to live as an ordinary person without fame and money there. I can walk in the streets and roads on my own. This will make me feel that I am an ordinary person.”


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