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Monday, October 18, 2010

Mamta says that she was waiting for challenging roles in Tamil

Mamta has become the top heroine of the Malayalam film industry. The film Anwar which was released few days back has made her a commercial heroine. She has acted in few Tamil films.

When asked her the reason that why she did not continue to act in Tamil films, she said,” I was waiting for challenging roles in Tamil. We cannot attract the Tamil audience by merely singing duets with the heroes.

We should choose the role that nobody dared to do. Then only we can sit in the hearts of the audience. That kind of situation has come up for me now. I will be coming to Tamil shortly. Many are asking me that whether I am giving importance to Malayalam films.

I cannot say like that. I am able to choose roles in Malayalam because I get lot of offers. Because of choosing the roles, my films are hits. There was an image that Mamta is in depth actress, but the film Anwar has changed this. Since I am acting in three Malayalam films, that doesn’t mean that I am giving importance to Malayalam films.

The truth is that I am not getting suitable roles in other languages. There is also a question that I am acting glamorously in Telugu films and that I am refusing to act in Tamil glamorously. Glamour is another portion of acting.

We cannot have separate policy state wise. It all depends on that how the director of the film utilizes. There is importance for glamour in Telugu whereas in Tamil, there will be importance for sentiments. But in Malayalam there will be importance for story. I am acting accordingly.”


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